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How to Face a Giant Problem

See Your Problems With Eyes of Faith



David sits in Goliath's armor after defeating the giant.

© Sketch by Pastor Glen Strock for the glory of Jesus Christ.

At times our problems feel so big they seem to tower over us like a threatening giant. In the midst of trouble, our fears are stirred, our understanding becomes darkened, and our joy evaporates as a dark shadow looms over our lives.

But if we learn to face our problems in the same way young David confronted the giant Goliath, we won't become paralyzed by fear, cowering before the Philistine army as the Israelite soldiers had done. David's faith and trust in an all-powerful God allowed him to view his opponent in a different light.

The story of David and Goliath teaches us how to see even our biggest problems with eyes of faith:

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