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Resurrection of Jesus Christ - Bible Story Summary - Christianity
Relive the resurrection of Jesus Christ in this brief summary of the Bible story with Scripture references, lessons, and a question for reflection.
Seven Arguments in Favor of the Resurrection of Christ - Christianity
Is the resurrection of Jesus Christ an historical event that really happened, or is it only a myth, as many atheists claim? While no one witnessed the actual ...
Reasons Why the Resurrection Is Important
Mar 18, 2014 ... Learn why the resurrection is the most important happening of all time, plus seven solid proofs of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
What Is the Resurrection and Who Will Be Resurrected?
In this part of the Plan of Salvation we will learn about the resurrection of mankind including who will be resurrected, when the resurrection will occur, and the ...
What is Easter - the Resurrection - Jesus - Christ - Miracle - Miracles
The miracle of the resurrection is the most important miracle of the Christian faith. When Jesus Christ rose from the dead on the first Easter morning, he showed ...
Resurrection of Jesus Christ - Latter-day Saints - About.com
When we die our spirit leaves our body and goes to dwell in the Spirit World until the resurrection. When we are resurrected our spirit is reunited with our body ...
Easter – Angels – The Resurrection - Angel - Jesus - Christ
An angel announced Jesus Christ's resurrection as a miracle on the first Easter. Here's a look at the important role angels played that day...
Book Review - The Resurrection Of Christ: A Historical Inquiry, by ...
Was there a man named Jesus who lived, was executed, and then after three days rose from the dead? Christians believe so - this is the central doctrine of their ...
Jesus' Resurrection and the Empty Tomb (Mark 16:1-8)
After the Jewish sabbath, which occurs on Saturdays, women who were present at Jesus' crucifixion come to his tomb to anoint his corpse with spices. These are  ...
Easter Challenge: Historicity of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ
Are the accounts of the resurrection of Jesus Christ on the first Easter, found in several places of the New Testament, true and historical? If so, it should be ...
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