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The Amish Religion

On this Amish religion resource page, you'll find a detailed profile of the Christian faith practiced by the Amish. Learn Amish beliefs, answer your questions about Amish life and culture, and find other important resources to help you explore the Amish religion.
  1. Amish Recipes & Cooking

Amish Denomination Profile
The Amish are one of the most fascinating Christian denominations. Study the history and beliefs of the Amish and why they isolate themselves from the rest of society.

What is the Meaning of Anabaptist?
Anabaptist is a term describing certain Christian denominations. Learn the meaning and background of Anabaptist.

Amish Beliefs and Practices
Amish beliefs play a major role in their desire to live separate from the rest of society. Learn how Amish beliefs affect everything from their faith in God to their rejection of electricity and automobiles to the way they dress.

FAQs About Amish Life and Culture
Amish life is intriguing to outsiders. Why is Amish life so old-fashioned? Why do they reject electricity and automobiles? Learn the scriptural and traditional reasons behind Amish life and culture with these answers to frequently asked questions.

Amish 101
Learn about the history of the Amish in America and the Ordnung which rules their lifestyle, plus find a list of dos and don'ts for your next visit to Amish country.

Old Order Amish in Western Pennsylvania
Several Amish communities exist in Western Pennsylvania - including a group of approximately 1,500 Old Order Amish living in the quaint villages of New Wilmington and Volant, less than an hour's drive north of Pittsburgh.

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