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Fantasy and Sci-Fi Book Reviews

Browse Christian book reviews in the fantasy and sci-fi genre from readers, contributors, book reviewers, and your Guide to Christianity, offering a critique of each title from a Christian perspective.

Reader Review: Chief Prince Archangel Michael by Josefina Hernandez
Chief Prince Archangel Michael Of The Heavenly Wars by Josefina Hernandez is a fantasy novel about the heavenly realm. One reader said, "This new fantasy takes you into a heavenly adventure that frees your imagination from time and space."

Reader Review: Killer Angel by William Frost
Keeping with the young adult fiction, fantasy theme, Frost's latest novel is a Faustian tale about four teenagers who start a rock band and travel to the crossroads to sell their souls.

Reader Review: The Wordsmith, the Kid & the Electrolux by Clifford Leigh
The Wordsmith, the Kid & the Electrolux by Clifford Leigh is an illustrated novel in the fantasy genre. Reviewer Pastor Shane Lems said, "... the book is a sort of allegory that highlights the main themes of Scripture."

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