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Unity School of Christianity

Here you will encounter a detailed profile of the Unity School of Christianity. Study a brief history of the denomination, the beliefs and practices of the faith, and find other important resources for exploring the Unity School of Christianity.

Unity Church Denomination Profile
The Unity Church, formerly known as the Unity School of Christianity, operates one of the largest religious publishing houses in the world. Based on the 19th century New Thought movement, Unity borrows from many religions and stresses positive thinking and ethical action. Get a quick overview of the Unity Church.

Unity Beliefs and Practices
The Unity Church has its roots in the New Thought movement of the late 1800s, and today is one of the largest producers of spiritual books, magazines and media in the world. Unity puts much emphasis on prayer and positive affirmations. See how Unity Christian beliefs depart from the doctrines of orthodox Christianity.

Unity Church History
Unity history dates to the late 1800s, when millions of Americans were exploring New Thought, a movement that mixed spiritism, eastern religions, philosophy, and Christianity into a positive thinking stew that claimed the human mind could influence matter. Most of these new groups demoted Jesus Christ from the Son of God to a wise, master...

Official Unity Church Website
Visit the official website of the Unity Church.

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