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Reader Feedback - "Rose of Sharon Not a Name for God"

Is the Rose of Sharon a Biblical Name of God?


Not too long ago I published a list of the biblical names of God and Jesus, including 102 names and where they can be found in the Bible. I offered it as an adventurous study into the character and nature of God.

I was pleased when one of my readers, Martain, provided this feedback about my list:

Dear Mary,
I was looking through your list of biblical names of God, and had a comment regarding "the Rose of Sharon." Although I have seen this name, along with "the lily of the valley" used as names of God, I do not believe they truly are.

Martain went on to say:

Both are only found in Song of Solomon 2:1, and are descriptions which the Shulamite woman gives of herself. Some would say that this book is a picture of Christ and his bride, and therefore, the description can be applied to Christ/God.


I do see two problems with this argument though. First is that there are two many things in the book that do not fit the picture of Christ and his bride. This book is more a picture of what true love between a man and a woman are to be.

Secondly, even if this were a picture of Christ and his bride, since the description "rose of Sharon" is given about the Shulamite woman, it would then be applied to Christ's bride, and not Christ himself.

These are my thoughts from a brief study, and may be wrong. I am always willing to hear arguments to the contrary.

In Christ,

I must admit, I am always very excited when readers take the time to write with their input! I have learned a great deal from brothers and sisters who have corresponded with me, and from time to time I have even modified the material on my site.

Now just as an F.Y.I., and in my defense, H.L. Willmington, who published the Book of Bible Lists, also considers “Rose of Sharon” a name for Jesus. But in light of Martain's worthy argument, I am willing to admit that both Willmington and I could be wrong.

I remain committed to publishing “reader feedback” articles such as this one. They provide a unique way of presenting various perspectives for my readers. I do not claim to have all of the answers and admit that my views are not the only ones worthy of representation. This is an important reason to publish reader feedback!

So now you have Martain's take on the Rose of Sharon.

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