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Accordance 9 Bible Software Premier Library Collection

Bible Software Review

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Accordance Bible Software

Accordance 9 Bible Software

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As a relatively new Mac user, I approached Accordance 9 Bible Software with more than a little nervousness. Except for a few online tools, I had never used Bible software before.

To say that I was amazed is an understatement. I'm far from an expert yet, but even my basic knowledge of this tool has opened exciting new insights into my favorite book. In my writing for this site, Accordance 9 Bible Software's Premier Library Collection has helped me find what I need quickly when I'm doing research.


  • Packages from basic to scholar levels available.
  • Eyeblink fast searching of Bibles and resource books.
  • Workspace displays side-by-side comparisons of texts, includes Workspace tabs.
  • WYSIWYG concept in all windows shows you exactly what you specified.
  • Wide variety of search functions.
  • Photo modules give a real feel to Holy Land locations.
  • Fully customizable for the way you work.
  • Help menu features easy, step-by-step instructions.
  • The Bible is the central focus of this software, which seems fitting to me.
  • No heavy books to tote, no time-consuming thumbing through.


  • The many commentary and book title abbreviations can be hard to remember, a picky point from a user with a poor memory.
  • Seminary students and pastors, two groups with chronically thin wallets, may find the upper-end packages a bit pricey, but Accordance is an indispensable "tool of the trade." In comparison, it costs less than a good set of mechanic's or carpenter's tools. The Premier Library Collection, for example, priced at $349 has $6,500 worth of Bibles and books if you bought them in print.


Accordance Bible Software review

The Accordance 9 Bible Software workspace window is fully customizable by the user.

© Accordance Bible Software

Accordance 9 Bible Software Premier Edition - Review

I love books, especially books about the Bible, and have several shelves in my home office filled with different Bible translations, commentaries, histories, handbooks, dictionaries, catechisms and theology texts.

When I started to explore Accordance 9 Bible Software and what it could do, I discovered not only a wealth of books and resources that were new to me, but a way to access them so rapidly and efficiently that my jaw dropped open. This is research at warp speed, with laser focus.

At 60 years old, I don't learn new things as quickly as I used to. That's why Accordance's training videos and podcasts are so useful. They have more than 60 available on their site, with new ones being added all the time. They're clear, lively, and walk you through the steps to master this powerful software's functions. For pastors and Bible lovers who are not computer geeks, these videos are a real plus.

As a new Mac user, I like the intuitive, logical layout of Accordance's workspace. Their programmers anticipated users' needs well. You can further customize the workspace window to a layout that works best for you. My bifocal-assisted eyes also appreciate the ability to increase the font size.

If I had to choose my favorite features, they are probably the ability to SEARCH ALL tools or Bible texts at once, and the many Help options. The SEARCH ALL function puts a massive amount of relevant information at your fingertips in seconds; this is where automation really shines. Whether you're researching a topic for a writing project, Bible study, or a sermon, this is a priceless time saver.

The Help choices tell me that OakTree Software, the publisher of Accordance, has been listening to users over the years and is serious about providing quick Help solutions. The one time I had to phone Technical Support with a download question, I found the rep to be friendly, knowledgeable and patient.

Like any tool, Accordance 9 Bible Software becomes more familiar with practice. Frankly, I haven't mastered all the search options or intricacies of this software yet, but I know enough of the basics to meet my needs. One of the things I like about Accordance 9 is that you can learn at your own pace, become proficient with one function then move on to the next.

Accordance 9 Bible Software starts at $149 for the Introductory Library Collection, $249 for the Standard Library Collection and $349 for the Premier Library Collection. The Scholar's Collections include additional texts, lexicons, and grammars. See their pricing page for the contents of each package.

I tested Accordance Version 9.4.1 Premier Library Collection on an iMac running Snow Leopard 10.6.8, with a 3.06 GHz processor. Accordance 9 is fully compatible with Lion, Apple's new OS. Darin Allen of Accordance told me a bug with the widget, which lets users copy and paste Bible verse references instantly from their Mac, was promptly identified and fixed. Other bugs that pop up because of Lion are being fixed as they are reported, he said.

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