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Laridian PocketBible Review

Portable Bible Software for Windows PC, Laptop, Tablet PC

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Laridian PocketBible Workspace

Laridian PocketBible Workspace

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Laridian PocketBible for Windows is a portable yet powerful Bible software application for use on your desktop PC, laptop, or tablet PC. What makes this software so unique is that it is designed to run entirely from a USB flash drive. You can either install and run the program from your computer's hard drive or directly from the flash drive, wherever you go!
If you're like me, when you travel you like to have access to all of the same information available on your home computer, including your Bible. PocketBible for Window makes it simple. If you study the Bible at home on your desktop PC, you can easily take the program with you to the office, to school, or on a trip. Your entire library of Bible versions, dictionaries, commentaries, and even your personal notes and bookmarks, will travel with you, all on a compact USB drive.


  • PocketBible's library is compatible with other Laridian PDA applications.
  • Screen layout and toolbars are customizable, virtually any way you want.
  • Easy navigation with 'type-n-go' keyboard commands and right-click menus.
  • Powerful search capability.
  • Bundled packages come with loads of good stuff at a great discount!
  • Contains everything (and then some) for in depth Bible study.


  • Program runs a bit slower from the USB flash drive.
  • Requires manual copying of 4 files to keep personal data the same on PC and USB.
  • Unlike other leading mobile Bible software companies, Laridian offers no free Bible reading and study applications.

Laridian PocketBible Review

The basic PocketBible for Windows program is $29.99 and requires the additional purchase of at least one Bible. The Bibles are competitively priced between $4.99 and $29.99, however, several free translations can be added after the initial purchase. Laridian offers these three money-savings packages as well:

The PocketBible Bronze Edition is reasonably priced at $49.99 and comes with 13 Bible versions including the New International Version, New American Standard Bible, the King James Version and the Holman Christian Standard Bible, 2 commentaries (Matthew Henry's and Jaieson-Fausett-Brown), 3 dictionaries, 5 reference books including The Works of Josephus, and 9 devotionals and daily reading plans.

I have the PocketBible Silver Edition, which sells for $99.99 and comes with all of the works listed above and more. It contains 15 Bible versions, 4 commentaries, 4 dictionaries, 8 additional reference books and 10 devotionals and daily reading plans.

The PocketBible Gold Edition is the ultimate version costing $199.99. It is packed with 17 Bibles, 14 commentaries, 8 dictionaries, 8 additional reference books and 12 devotionals and daily reading plans.

Each version can be purchased on CD-ROM, USB flash drive, or as a download.

PDA Compatible

Most of the Bibles and books you purchase for your PocketBible library are compatible with any of the Laridian PDA software, such as MyBible for Palm. If you have a PDA, mobile phone or iPod you'd like to use for Bible study, chances are, you won't have to purchase extra reference books or Bibles. All you'll need is the Laridian application for your mobile device. Laridian sells applications for Palm OS, Pocket PC, Windows Smartphone, BlackBerry and iPod. As an added bonus for registering your Laridian software, the silver and gold USB editions of PocketBible come with one free download of Laridian software for Palm OS, Windows Mobile Pocket PC, Windows Mobile Smartphone, iPhone and iPod Touch.

Because PocketBible runs a little slower from the USB drive, I prefer to run it directly from my computer's hard drive, even on my laptop. In order to transfer your personal notes, bookmarks and highlights, you do have to copy 4 files from your hard drive to the USB and back, in order to keep your desktop, laptop and USB versions matching.

One of PocketBible's features I really like is the ability to track your daily Bible reading progress by checking off days as you complete each reading assignment. If you fall behind, you can easily reschedule the plan to help you catch up.

As someone who is fairly new to Bible study software, I found certain features of PocketBible very appealing. For example, as you read through the Bible, your commentary and dictionary can remain open in bordering windows, with the commentary automatically following along with your reading progress.

Personalized Bible Study

You can organize your personal notes by category, so it's easy to create your own topical Bible studies. To read a comment or look up a word, there's no need to search - word definitions are just one click away. References and Strong's numbers can be accessed simply by hovering over hyperlinked text - so, no more wasting time leafing through pages and carrying around stacks of books.

You can highlight any text in a variety of colors, or set a bookmark anywhere by right clicking the verse. Parallel viewing of up to 16 books is available for each window in your completely customizable layout. In other words, you can have up to 16 Bible versions open at the same time in your main window, 2 of your favorite commentaries displayed in a secondary window, 4 dictionaries, a list of your personal notes, and your preferred Bible reading plan, all at once. Of course, you might need a 32-inch wide screen monitor for all of that, but you get the picture.

As a beginner to mobile Bible software, I found Laridian's PocketBible to be very quick and simple to learn. Now that I've experienced the convenience of having everything I need all in one place, and in such a portable format as a USB flash drive, I'm finding it hard to go back to traditional Bible study. As a company, Laridian has been firmly established in the mobile Bible software industry for more than 10 years and promises to continue adding new products with updated features, as well as additional Bible versions, reference books, and devotionals.

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 5 out of 5
Best Bible Study Tools, Member serena_b

If you are looking for a system that is a good value long term, this is it. If you're looking for something super cheap to begin with, this is not it. However, once you buy a book or Bible translation with them, it's yours forever, including updates. The books are also available in all of the different platforms. For instance, I purchased my original software for Pocket PC in 2003. Since then, I purchased a more updated Pocket PC, then obtained the Window version. The bible translations and references from 2003 can be used on my laptop and desktop. As they become available for Android, I can use them on my phone or tablet or iPad,.... for no additional charge. I have added some references over time and they all meld together. What I like best is the fact that I can click on embedded Strong's numbers (in some translations), bring up the definition, commentaries, etc. on that word or text. I can search for a word and a list comes up of all the times that word is used. I can click on one and that text will come up in the reader. All of the windows can be seen simultaneously and I can navigate between. It makes in-depth or inductive study so much easier! It is well worth anything I have spent on it over the years.

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