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Olive Tree BibleReader for Windows Mobile

Free Bible Software for Pocket PC and Windows Mobile Devices


Olive Tree for Windows
Courtesy Olive Tree Bible Software
BibleReader Library

BibleReader Library

Image: © Sue Chastain
Olive Tree BibleReader

Olive Tree BibleReader

Image: © Sue Chastain

Olive Tree BibleReader is a free Bible application for mobile devices including iPhone and iPod touch, Pocket PC, Palm, Smartphone, Blackberry and more. This review covers the many features and conveniences of using Olive Tree BibleReader on your Windows Mobile Pocket PC.

Olive Tree offers the BibleReader application as a free download, along with several free Bible versions, and hundreds of other free resources such as devotionals, commentaries, and eBooks--in English and several other languages. In addition, they offer many popular Bible versions and study tools which you can purchase separately or in bundles. I have used both the free resources and purchased Bibles and bundles from Olive Tree on my Windows Mobile Pocket PC.

Study on the Go: I must admit, using the Bible on my PDA was the furthest thing from my mind when I bought it, but now that I have it, I can't envision studying the Word of God any other way. Nothing beats the convenience of being able to carry ten different Bible versions, Bible dictionaries, maps, and study tools in the palm of my hand! My PDA goes just about everywhere with me, and now, so does my Bible!

If you've never used a PDA, you may find it hard to imagine reading your Bible on a tiny screen, but today's LCD screens are sharp and bright and you can adapt the text size to fit your own comfort level and needs. I find the auto-scroll feature is the most comfortable way to read the Bible, and I never encounter sticky pages to break my concentration.

Launch Speed & Easy Navigation: Although I have only used one other Bible software for PDA--Pocket e-Sword--I prefer Olive Tree primarily for the speed of launching and the ease with which you can navigate within the program. Jumping to any Bible verse requires only three quick taps of my stylus.

Compare Versions in Split Window: With Olive Tree BibleReader, you can compare passages in several Bible versions side-by-side using a split window. The split window is also great for looking up references, study notes, Strong's numbers, or definitions. Many of the Bibles you can purchase from Olive Tree come with reference materials which are hyperlinked directly from the text so you can jump directly to a cross-reference.

Bible Reading Plan: Olive Tree BibleReader comes with a daily Bible reading plan to help you read through the Bible in a year. You can jump right to the day's passages from the daily reading screen and keep track of your progress as you go. Several alternate plans are offered on the Olive Tree Web site, though you can only have one daily reading plan active at a time.

Active Development: Olive Tree is also very actively developed. In the 20 months or so that I have been using it, numerous software upgrades have provided welcome enhancements.

Other features of the Olive Tree BibleReader include:

Highlighting: Choose from several different highlight colors or bold and underlined text styles to make a passage stand out.

Notebook: Jot personal notes which can be linked to a passage.

Bookmarks: Mark any passage for quick retrieval later, and save sets of bookmarks.

Search: Find words or phrases anywhere in the Bible or text you are reading.

Olive Tree is not the only Bible software application for PDA, but once I found BibleReader, I had no desire to look further. Olive Tree has publicly stated its commitment to developing Bible software for the most popular mobile platforms, so I feel confident investing in their products, knowing I can transfer my purchases to another device if my mobile platform changes in the future.

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