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Laridian MyBible Review

Bible Software for Palm PDA Mobile Device


MyBible 4 Menu Features

Some of MyBible 4 Menu Features

Image Courtesy Laridian Electronic Publishing

Laridian Electronic Publishing offers mobile Bible software for Palm, Pocket PC, Windows Mobile-based Smartphone, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPhone and BlackBerry devices. Laridian also makes a PocketBible version for Windows computers, which will run from a USB flash drive for portability.

This review covers features in Laridian MyBible 4 for devices running Palm OS 5.0 and higher. There are multiple benefits and advantages of using MyBible 4 on your Palm PDA:

Lightweight: Keep multiple Bible translations in one compact, easy-to-carry format, along with references like Bible dictionaries and concordances on your PDA. Bibles and references can be stored on an SD card (or card type supported by device) to save RAM.

Study on the Go: See verses in two or three Bible versions, or see Bible verses and references, side-by-side in two or three split screens on your hand held device.

Bibles & References Synchronize: MyBible 4 can synchronize movement between publications in split screens. For example, move from John 3:16 to Matthew 4:3 and all Bibles and references opened in split screens move as well.

Using Dictionaries & Commentaries: Use your stylus to select a word, then use Graffitti or tap the menu to get a definition from one or more Bible dictionaries. Bible commentaries are referenced just as easily, and dictionaries and commentaries can be navigated individually, apart from the Bible.

Personalized Study: MyBible 4 reader, Bibles and books are sold separately so you can create your own personalized Bible study library. MyBible 4 offers new Bible translations and references often. You can even publish your own reference books to use with MyBible with Laridian's BookBuilder, purchased separately from MyBible 4.

Navigation: One tap on your screen brings up these functions:

  • Change Bible version
  • Go back to previous verse
  • Open Find to search the Bible
  • Go to the next found item in a search
  • Add or edit notes
To find verses in MyBible, tap on the current verse on the upper right screen, then use a drop down menu to select book, chapter and verse. Or, use the Graffitti area 5-way navigator on your Palm, Treo 600/650 rocker button or Sony Virtual Graffitti to navigate. MyBible moves back and forward through up to 15 previously-viewed verses.

MyBible supports landscape orientation found on devices such as Palm TX.

Search: Write or copy and paste a word or phrase into MyBible's Find function to search the entire Bible, or narrow the search to a book. Search results show excerpt containing the word or phrase searched on. Tap an excerpt to go to the verse. MyBible does wildcard searches as well.

Bookmarking & Highlighting: Tap the bookmark icon at the top of the screen to set, choose or delete a bookmark in the Bible. Highlight Bible text in MyBible with any one of six highlighter colors.

Note Taking: Write, view or edit notes for any verse. A yellow note indicator appears with verses that have notes. When you record a note in one Bible translation it shows up in other translations.

Preferences: Toggle preferences on or off for a personalized Bible reading experience.

  1. Words of Christ in red
  2. Tap screen to scroll up or down
  3. Chapter dividers and section headings
  4. New line for each verse
  5. Choose from four verse indicator stylus or hide verse numbers
  6. Adjust font size

MyBible 4 Review

After using a free Bible reader on my Palm, I came to depend on the ease with which I could find Bible verses quickly on my PDA. Gone were the days of flipping pages and pages ... and pages to get to a verse in the Bible. But I needed to find another Bible reader because I really wanted to use Life Application Study Notes with the NIV Bible on my Palm, something the free reader did not offer.

After trying a few different Bible readers, I settled on MyBible from Laridian. Since then, I have switched Palms four times but I have not switched from MyBible.

Being able to carry multiple Bible translations, dictionaries and references wherever I go is not only convenient, it makes any opportunity for Bible study or reflection more meaningful. I study the Bible with MyBible 4 just as I do a traditional Bible, highlighting and bookmarking verses and adding notes. I especially value how references or multiple Bibles opened in split panes synchronize as I move through the Bible with MyBible 4.

The Bibles and references I purchased to use with MyBible reader were expensive, so after briefly switching from a Palm device to a Pocket PC, it was a relief to discover that I could buy Laridian Bible readers for Palm, Pocket PC or Windows platforms and download the Bibles and references I originally purchased for other platforms.

To free up RAM on my Palm, I keep three Bible versions, two references and a dictionary on an SD card that is always in my PDA. Bibles and references stored in RAM open faster, but the few seconds to wait for MyBible 4 to access the card is worth it to keep RAM freed up.


MyBible 4 reader is $10 with the cost of your choice of 14 Bible translations ranging from $4.95 to $29.99. Over 20 commentaries for use with MyBible 4 sell for $9.99 and up, and the five dictionaries run from $14.99 and up. Laridian also offers great deals on MyBible 4 bundles that save 50% off the cost of purchasing individual components. There are some free Bibles, commentaries and dictionaries to choose from, and you can try MyBible 4 at no cost with the King James Bible.

Laridian sells Daily Reader for devotional reading with links to MyBible and the split screen feature for $9.99 plus the cost of devotionals ($7.99 and up). Devotionals include titles like By Faith Alone, My Utmost for His Highest and One Year with Jesus.

Laridian offers a 30-day guarantee and a convenient tech support page with a searchable knowledge base, support ticket submission form and - in my experience - a responsive support team.

While the Bibles and references I purchased for use with MyBible 4 cost more than some of the book versions, the ease with which I can flip between Bible translations and see Life Application Study Notes, is worth every penny. This combined with the stability of the software makes Laridian's MyBible 4 for Palm PDAs a great choice.

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