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Poetry and Wisdom Books of the Bible

The Wisdom Books of the Bible Deal With Human Struggles and Experiences


Wisdom Books

King Solomon

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The writing of the Poetry and Wisdom Books spanned from the time of Abraham through the end of the Old Testament period. Possibly the oldest of the books, Job is of unknown authorship. The Psalms have many different writers, King David being the most notable and others remaining anonymous. Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and Song of Songs are primarily attributed to Solomon.

Sometimes referred to as "wisdom literature" these books deal precisely with our human struggles and real-life experiences. For instance, the book of Job addresses our questions about suffering, overthrowing the argument that all suffering is a result of sin. The Psalms portray nearly every facet of man’s relationship with God. And the Proverbs cover a wide range of practical topics, all emphasizing man's true source of wisdom—the fear of the Lord.

Being literary in style, the Poetry and Wisdom Books are designed to stimulate the imagination, inform the intellect, capture the emotions, and direct the will, and therefore deserve meaningful reflection and contemplation when read.

Poetry and Wisdom Books of the Bible

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