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European Reformation Tour
European Reformation Tour

During his exile at Wartburg Castle Martin Luther translated the New Testament into German.

Robert Scarth
European Reformation Tour Description: Learn about the lives and accomplishments of the key reformers in the Protestant Reformation as you travel through the heart of Europe. Visit the birthplace of Martin Luther, see the monastery where he experienced revelations about the gospel of grace and view the church where he nailed his 95 Theses to the door. Also tour the castle where he labored to translate the New Testament into German. Learn about Scottish Reformers, John Knox and Ulrich Zwingli, the first to practice expository, or verse-by-verse teaching of the Word. A highlight of the trip includes a visit to John Calvin's church in Geneva, Switzerland.

Typical Length: 10 Days
Average Cost: Minimum of $3000
Best Time of Year: Spring, Summer and Fall

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