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Top Christian Magazines


Are you tired of reading fashion magazines and Hollywood journals that have nothing to do with your reality as a Christian in today's world? Would you rather read inspiring stories, Christian world perspectives, helpful, biblical advice for shopping, parenting, cooking, and just about anything related to living your life as a Christian? Consider these magazines from my list of favorite choices in online and printed Christian publications.

1. Christianity Today

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Christianity Today is one of the leading Christian magazines available, both online and in printed format. The popular publication covers world, national, church and ministry news. Find practical advice on every aspect of Christian life from entertainment to shopping, parenting and marriage resources, help with college and seminary selection, community guides, and sermon aids. With Christianity Today, you will never run out of reading material.
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2. RELEVANT Magazine

RELEVANT Magazine is a bimonthly lifestyle magazine with a focus toward faith, life, and culture. RELEVANT targets 20-something's who are passionate about God, spirituality, and the world they live in. The team behind the magazine writes, "... we're just a group of people like you who are asking questions, living life to its fullest, seeking God, having fun, trying to reach people and impact the world around us. And the magazine reflects that." You can subscribe to RELEVANT online or in print.
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3. Charisma

Charisma is one of the leading magazines for Spirit-filled Christians, offering inspiring articles, regular columns written by well-known pastors and teachers, community forums, and news from the Christian community all from a charismatic perspective.
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4. Bible Study Magazine

Bible Study Magazine is a brand new, growing print magazine for Christians who want to dig into the Word of God. Library Journal named Bible Study Magazine one of the top 10 magazines to launch in 2008. This publication, from the publishers of Logos Bible Software, is offered six times a year, delivering tools and methods for Bible study, as well as insights from respected Bible teachers, professors, historians and archaeologists.

5. Kyria.com

If fashion magazines and Hollywood journals simply are not cutting it for you, perhaps Kyria.com is more suited to your needs. Kyria.com is a resource of Leadership Journal and Christianity Today International, designed to strengthen and equip Christian women to fulfill God's calling on their lives. Each month members of Kyria.com receive a digital magazine highlighting an influential Christian woman, as well as spiritual and practical tools, Bible studies, and other resources to challenge women in their spiritual formation.

6. World Magazine

World Magazine gives you biweekly world news that is committed to reporting and illustrating the news from a biblical worldview perspective, with emphasis on stories that are often underreported or even misreported by other more prominent media outlets. The magazine is published 26 times a year with full-color photographs, complete coverage of national and international stories, especially those relevant to Christians. You will find editorials and commentaries, cultural analysis, movie and television reviews, book and music reviews, as well as business, personal finance, charity, education, sports, technology, lifestyle and health coverage.

7. CCM Magazine

CCM Magazine covers everything you need to stay up-to-date in the contemporary Christian music world. It is available online only now offering a free weekly email newsletter. You can also listen to music, read reviews, visit their forums, get tour and concert information, study special artist features and shop for Christian music.

8. Guideposts

Guideposts monthly magazine has been delivering inspiration and guidance to Christian readers for more than 60 years. The mission of the magazine is "to help people from all walks of life achieve their maximum personal and spiritual potential." Positive stories and articles from everyday people and well-known celebrities are designed to help readers grow practically and spiritually in their daily lives. If you're looking primarily for inspiration and encouragement, Guideposts is the subscription for you!
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9. Christian History & Biography

Now more than ever Christians are interested in discovering the historical facts of the Christian faith. Christian History & Biography magazine offers highly researched chronicles of the people and events that have shaped the fascinating journey of Christianity throughout the ages. Indepth, informative articles, graphics, illustrations, timelines and maps all enhance the retracing of Christianity's roots.

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