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Your Career in the New Millennium

Steps to Managing Your Career as a Christian

By Alan McTier


Managing your career as a Christian can be quite a challenge in today's changing workplace. Alan McTier takes a look at these changes and offers practical steps to career management from a biblical perspective.

Your Career in the New Millennium

Over the past decade the speed and magnitude of change in the workplace has been phenomenal. Technology is transforming the way companies do business. E-mail, notebook computers, palm pilots, interactive pagers, and cell phones make it possible to do business 24 hours a day from virtually anywhere in the world.

Large organizations are reorganizing, outsourcing, and downsizing. Small businesses are creating new ways to do business, and dot.coms, strategic alliances, and virtual organizations are prolific.

E-commerce is changing the way products and services are sold and delivered. Self-employment is on the rise, new jobs are being created, and obsolete jobs are being eliminated. One thing is certain: Change will continue in the new millennium. In all likelihood, the next 10 years will be filled with many more changes than the past decade. The need for us to seek and trust God will be great.

Managing your career in the midst of such enormous change is challenging, exciting, and sometimes a bit overwhelming. What, exactly, will the workplace look like in another 10 years? No one can predict for certain. However, in 2010 we can be fairly sure that workers will be more diverse and that computers and technology will continue to be increasingly important.

Also, small businesses and self-employment will become more the norm than big business, and job and career changes will be more frequent due to rapidly changing organizations and industries. Finally, the line between one’s work and personal life will be even more blurred than today.

To manage your career effectively in the new millennium, you will need to exercise initiative and assume personal responsibility for the lifelong development of your skills, knowledge, and expertise. In addition, you will need to balance your life to meet both work and personal responsibilities.

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