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Sanya Richards-Ross

2012 Olympic Athlete Christian Faith Profile


Sanya Richards-Ross

Sanya Richards-Ross

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Sanya Richards-Ross, a Christian athlete who may be the fastest female runner in the world, hasn't let success go to her head. Married to Super Bowl Champion Aaron Ross, and representing the U.S. for a second time in the Olympics, Sanya is living her dreams. Her list of achievements is long and impressive, yet she stays grounded through her strong Christian faith. Humbly, Sanya gives God all the credit for granting her the strength to attain amazing accomplishments as a Christian athlete.

Sport: Track & Field
Date of Birth: February 26, 1985
Hometown: Kingston, Jamaica
Current Home: Austin, Texas
Church Affiliation: Baptist

Interview with Christian Athlete Sanya Richards-Ross

Briefly explain how and when you became a Christian:
I became a Christian when I was 12 years old. It was when I moved to Florida and started going to church consistently. Prior to moving to the States, I wasn't exposed to Christianity much. But as soon as I got involved, I gave my life to Christ.

Do you attend church?
I go to church every Sunday that I am not traveling or competing.

Do you read the Bible regularly?
I try to read the Bible as much as I can. Recently my sister, my best friend, my cousin, and I committed ourselves to reading through the entire Bible, and we've tried to read together every Wednesday.

Do you have a life verse from the Bible?
There are so many meaningful verses to me in the Bible, but I guess the one I say to myself most often is, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!" That's my favorite because on the track, I am usually trying to do things that have rarely been done before. I know that it's only God that gives me the strength to accomplish these things.

How does your faith influence you as an athletic competitor?
My faith keeps me grounded. People always ask me how come I'm so good, and even though I try never to overwhelm people with my faith, I always think to myself, how come God is so good. My faith also encourages me to give my best. I know that my talent is God's gift to me, and how I use it is my gift to him.

Do you ever face difficult challenges because of your stand for Christ?
I am rarely persecuted for my faith. Most of the people I associate with are Christians or know how strong my faith is. I have had experiences where I had to explain what it means to be a Christian to friends that aren't Christians, but I enjoy those opportunities and only hope to be an example for them.

Do you have a favorite Christian author?
I enjoy reading and watching Joel Osteen. I think he is an amazing man, and a great example of what living a life according to Christ should look like. He's also very positive and inspirational and his messages always meet you right where you are.

Do you have a favorite Christian music artist?
I love Kirk Franklin and Yolanda Adams. I like Kirk Franklin because he is able to make his music contemporary and meaningful. His messages are poignant and relevant and I thoroughly enjoy it. I enjoy Yolanda Adams because her voice is heavenly and her music is inspirational. She mostly speaks about making it through and believing in yourself. She's an amazing artist.

Who would you name as a personal hero of the faith?
My personal hero in faith is my Aunt Maureen. She was the one that really got me involved in the church and over the years, she has been a great example of what a Christian woman looks like. She recently lost a son, and the strength she exuded only comes from God. She's an incredible lady and a true hero.

What is the most important life-lesson you have learned?
I've learned that God is always on time! Sometimes things happen that we can't understand, and we think that God has forgotten about us, but that is never true. We must go through different seasons to truly appreciate when God is working everything out for us. In the meantime, we must thank God in all things!

Is there any other message you would like to say to readers?
Continue believing and trusting in Christ. He will never leave or forsake you!

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