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What Does the Bible Say About Cremation?


Cremation Versus Burial - A Christian Perspective

With the rising cost of funeral expenses today, many people are choosing cremation instead of burial. However, Christians often have concerns about cremation. They want to be sure the practice of cremation is biblical.

This study offers a Christian perspective, presenting the arguments both in favor and against the practice of cremation.

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Interestingly, there is no specific teaching in the Bible about cremation. Although cremation accounts can be found in the Bible, it was not common or accepted at all for Jews or early believers to be cremated.

Today, traditional Jews are prohibited under the law from practicing cremation. Eastern Orthodox and some Fundamentalist Christian denominations do not allow cremation.

The Islamic faith also forbids cremation.

The word "cremation" is derived from the Latin word "crematus" or "cremare" meaning "to burn up."

During the process of cremation, human remains are placed in a wooden box, and then into a crematorium or furnace. They are heated to temperatures between 870-980 °C or 1600-2000 °F until the remains are reduced to bone fragments and ashes. The bone fragments are then processed in a machine until they resemble coarse sand, light gray in color.

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