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Christian Videos, DVDs, Games and Music

Welcome to your resource page for Christian videos, DVDs, games and Christian music with video and music reviews, favorite Christian videos and CDs, Christian games and top Christian videos and music picks.

Tomorrow's Hollow Children's Cartoon DVD (2008)
Tomorrow's Hollow is a fun, animated children's DVD about a sheep couple who become lost trying to find a heavenly resort. This 15-minute cartoon is geared toward elementary and middle school-age kids, but teens and adults will enjoy it as well. Complete with a message of salvation, Tomorrow's Hollow is a good spiritual gift, as well as a...

The List DVD (2008)
A genuine "Christian" movie, I have no trouble labeling The List safe for any audience. With the intrigue of a hundred-year-old secret society, a vast fortune in hoarded treasure, an ancient prophecy, a trail of mysterious deaths, and an evil blood covenant, the movie falls within the genre of suspense drama. (Rated PG)

The Ultimate Gift DVD (2007)
(Rated PG; Review rating 4.5) An extremely wise and wealthy grandfather gives his shallow, spoiled grandson the ultimate inheritance. The film comes to theaters courtesy of the new FoxFaith distribution label designed to bring high-quality entertainment to faith-based audiences. With its aim toward inspirational and spiritual entertainment, this film hits the ultimate target.

Thr3e DVD (2007)
(Rated PG-13; Review rating 2.5) In the words of Randy Jackson (American Idol), I'm just 'keepin it real' when I say the acting in Thr3e is not great. Suspenseful action doesn't come close to the intensity of Ted Dekker's best-selling novel, Thr3e. But still I tip my hat to FoxFaith Movies for bringing another clean film selection to Christian...

The Last Sin Eater DVD (2007)
FoxFaith Movies releases another wholesome, faith-based film that skillfully sends an inspiring message about the Christian faith. The Last Sin Eater is based on the novel of the same name, written by Francine Rivers. This one's a must for your family-friendly DVD collection.

The Ten Commandments - 50th Anniversary DVD
The 3-disc collection, released March 21, 2006, celebrates the 50th anniversary of the film's premier and includes the timeless 1956 classic version directed by Cecil B. DeMille, along with his original 1923 silent-film version and a six-part in-depth documentary.

Top 10 Christian DVD and Video Series for Children
Christian parents: Why not choose entertainment that will teach Christian values to your children? These high quality DVD and video series are sure to enlighten and amuse your children as they learn biblical truths applied at their age level. These Top 10 Christian DVD and Video Series for Children will positively reinforce your godly training.

Glorify God - Not Violence: Video Game Options for Christian Parents
With video games topping the list of entertainment for kids today, Christian parents need to know how to find faith-based, quality video game options for their kids. Learn how to satisfy the gamers in your family without sacrificing Christian values. Find good video games with a godly message or discover how to choose decent mainstream video games.

Christian Family Game Review: The Bible Family DVD Game
The Bible Family DVD Game, brought to you by The b EQUAL company, is the very newest and latest in Christian family entertainment. The Bible Family DVD Game is presented by The History Channel and hosted by Christian music artist, Jeremy Camp.

Top Christmas Music by Christian Artists
You'll find something for everyone in this top selection of Christmas CDs by Christian artists--from contemporary choices to classic Christmas favorites, and from children's picks to nostalgic and memorable adult collections.

Christian Music / Gospel at About.com
Your source for Christian music CD reviews, Christian artist information, Gospel lyrics, Christian music ministry and more.

Check out Gamers4Jesus for online Christian video games and weekly Bible studies. They offer Christian computer games and religious forums for Christian youth and teens, as well as online fellowship groups in a positive environment.

Little Leaders Christian Baby Videos
Faith-based developmental videos and DVDs for young children.

Grace Place Kids Videos
Grace Place Kids is an internet-based Christian video site developed for today's children and young families to share the stories and love of our Creator in a hip, friendly way. Our goal is to encourage children and their families to joyfully seek and develop a personal relationship with God. Each video podcast online is free, and has a corresponding song that accompanies it.

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