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Christian Wedding Music

Tips for Your Christian Wedding Ceremony


Christian Wedding Music
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Music can play a significant role in your Christian wedding ceremony. Choices may include a worship song sung by the entire congregation of guests, a hymn, an instrumental, or a special solo. The possibilities are endless.

Remember, though, that your Christian wedding music can be a powerful expression of worship, as well as an instrument of reflection on your feelings and ideas as a couple. As you carefully plan your wedding song choices, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Your musical choices can set the mood for your wedding ceremony.
  • Choose songs that are appropriate to the context of your wedding as a worship service.
  • Be sure the lyrics express faith, love, joy and commitment.
  • You may want to choose a special friend or family member who is musically gifted to offer one of the songs.
  • If either of you (Bride or Groom) happen to be musically talented, you may also want to be involved in presenting one of the songs, however, you should be sure to consider how nerves may affect your ability to effectively play or sing.
  • Incorporating a congregational song or hymn will allow another opportunity to involve your invited guests into the worship experience.

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