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How to Feel Less Stressed and More Christian at Christmas

Christmas Stress - Finding a Christian at Christmas


Do you want to learn how to feel less stress and enjoy the holidays more? Do you need to be more of a Christian at Christmas? With practical tips and a bit of humor, Karen Wolff of Christian-Books-For-Women.com will help you start moving in the right direction toward a less stressed, more Christian holiday season.

Finding a Christian at Christmas

One of the most stressful times of year is during the holidays. Why is that? Thanksgiving, Christmas - they're supposed to be happy and fun. You know, almost Norman Rockwell like. But somewhere along the way the stress, the unrealistic expectations, the unreasonable demands, and all that other negative stuff show ups and the next thing you know, you're depressed, over-tired, and dreading one more day during the so-called "holiday season."

Amazingly enough, Christians seem to have the exact same issues as non-Christians. There is no apparent difference in the way they act or talk or handle the stress of the holidays. Or is there?

I could tell you that simplifying things to make it easier is a good idea, but then I'm pretty sure tipping over the Christmas tree, throwing out the lights, and using the family eggnog recipe as fireplace kindling wouldn't count in the whole "simplifying" concept.

So how do you prioritize all that's Christian about the holidays with all the other stuff that's creeped in over the years? How do you satisfy your family and friends, and still keep your focus on what's truly important?

Here are some things you can do that may help you start moving in the right direction.

  • Start planning now. Decide what's truly important and necessary as a family. Having Christian priorities means putting "all that's Christian" at the top of the holiday list. This is a great time to teach your kids the difference between giving and receiving. When your kids see that your priorities are centered around truly celebrating the real purpose of the season, it will get easier and easier for them to be a Christian at Christmas too.

    Now, let me clarify. Teaching your kids about giving and receiving doesn't mean you can instruct your kids to tell Aunt Martha they can't "receive" her favorite fruitcake because it exceeds the airline weight requirement for the trip home, and that she should "give" it to the starving children in a foreign country.

  • Let extended family members know well in advance of your holiday season plans. Explain that as a family, you've decided to change your focus to things that can make a difference for someone else. Perhaps that means there will be less gift giving amongst family members and more to needy families. Or perhaps it means you won't be spending every available dollar on decorations and holiday parties, but rather on things that will make your family truly understand and appreciate the intent of the season. It is important to set the example for extended family members. You'll be surprised how others will follow your lead. They just need someone to show them the way.

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