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A Christmas Carol

Christmas Poem About the Christ Child


"A Christmas Carol" is an original Christian poem submitted by an About.com member. This Christmas poem extols the wonder and majesty of the Christ child.

A Christmas Carol

Galaxies of stars collide,
Within this baby's gentle smile
The universe it comprehends,
All propositions reconcile.

All languages articulate,
Upon this tiny wordless tongue
No ciphers, arcane alphabets,
Nor futures musics lie unsung.

Empires crumble into dust,
Within this feeble childish grip
Powers and potentates deflate,
All world ambitions earthward slip.

Behold the universe a child,
The nth to nth, the all of all,
Physics turned upon its head,
The cosmos in an ass's stall.

Computer, fiddle, astrolabe
He's mastered in an eyelid's blink,
All centuries to come foreseen,
Past eons to a second shrink,

All possibilities subsumed,
All worlds explored, all hearts beguiled,
So do not with a trivial thought
Deride this terrifying child.

--Christopher Shepheard

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