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Comparing Christian Denominations - Statistics


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  • Anglican/Episcopal - There are 40 churches in the Anglican Communion, including the Episcopal Church in the United States, the Scottish Episcopal Church, the Church in Wales, and the Church of Ireland. Anglican churches are primarily located in the United Kingdom, Europe, the United States, Canada, Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

  • Assembly of God - There are approximately 12,100 AG churches in the United States and some 236,022 churches and outstations in 191 other countries. Brazil has the largest number of Assemblies of God churches, with more than 8 million members.

  • Baptist - More than 3/4 of all Baptists (33 million) live in America. 216,00 live in Brittian, 850,000 live in South American, and 230,000 in Central America. In the former USSR, Baptists comprise the largest protestant denomination.

  • Lutheran - According to the Lutheran World Federation, 36 million Lutherans live in Europe, 13 million in Africa, 8.4 million in North America, 7.3 million in Asia, and 1.1 million in Latin America.

  • Methodist - Of the 11 million worldwide members, more than 8 million live in the United States, and more than 2.4 million live in Africa, Asia and Europe.

  • Presbyterian - Presbyterian or Reformed churches are found predominately in the United States, England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland and France.

  • Roman Catholic - Roman Catholicism is by far the largest worldwide Christian denomination. It is the majority religion of Italy, Spain, and nearly all Latin American countries. In America it is the largest individual Christian denomination, encompassing about 25 percent of the population.

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