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Christian Testimonies About Depression and Suicide

These Christian testimonies are true stories about people who have struggled with depression and thoughts of suicide. Each story reveals a life transformed by Christian faith. The testimonies are submitted by the members and visitors of this site. If you know someone with an interesting, life-transforming testimony, please refer them to this page.
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Janey’s Humble Calling
Janey battled with mental health issues and those who doubted her faith in Christ, but she received a humble calling and a determination to see God’s hand at work in her life.

Nicolaas’ Hope for the Future
Nicolaas’ Hope for the Future is a story of a 20-year-old whose years stretched bleak before him until God intervened and changed everything.

Selena's Cry for Help
Selena's Cry for Help is a moving story about a young women's struggle to forgive herself after deciding to abort her baby.

Curtis' Survivor Story
In this suicide survivor story, Curtis tells about his growing sense of hopelessness and despair. Seeing death as his only escape, he began to plan and rehearse how he would kill himself. Then late one night on a deserted stretch of road, he sped his truck straight toward a familiar bridge abutment. At that moment, Jesus spoke the rescuing words...

Finding God in the Dark
Cintah's depression began at age seven after her father died. When she lost 80 percent of her vision at age 16, she sank even deeper into the darkness of depression. She felt that her life had ended. But Cintah's mother was a praying woman. After many years of anger, heart-break, and hopelessness, in a split decision, Cintah turned to God. To...

Conceived in Rape, Living With Purpose
Even as an adopted child, growing up Juda knew she was loved. But after a difficult divorce, her world began to fall apart. Juda struggled with thoughts of suicide. Then, upon learning the violent truth of her conception through rape, she was deeply shaken. In her anguish, God gave Juda an intense vision and words from Scripture to let her know her true purpose in life.

My Journey to the Bottom and Back
Kathryn's childhood was stained by an absence of love. An abortion, abuse, depression, and a multitude of devastating losses led Kathryn on a search for love. Unable to feel deserving, she hit the bottom, and tried to kill herself with an overdose of meth. That day God spared her, delivered her, and brought her back.

Jenine's Bended Knee
Jenine was experiencing a season of loneliness. One night while watching television, she heard the story of a woman whose severe depression was taken away when she was born again by faith in Jesus Christ. That night on bended knee, Jenine gave her life to Jesus. The Lord took her emptiness away and replaced it with healing and wholeness....

God is For Us
While attending a private university in East Africa, Elsie began to sink into depression. With barely enough money to pay her tuition, stress, poor grades, and feeling like a loser made Elsie want to quit. That's when a friend and a prayer led Elsie to deliverance from depression. She was born again and finished college with straight A's. Now she believes that with God on her side there's no mountain she can't conquer.

Naomi's Darkest Times
Naomi's childhood memories are filled with rape, depression and neglect. At one point, things were so bad she went door to door asking for money to buy food. Trouble seemed to follow her everywhere. As a young woman, she fell into a pattern of violent relationships, and drug and alcohol abuse. Yet, through it all, in the darkest times of her life, God was with her. Then, the Lord did something miraculous for Naomi.

Born Again Rocket Scientist
Paul had it all—wealth, prestige, success. At 29, he was a millionaire working as a NASA engineer. But, after losing everything that truly mattered in his life, Paul turned to drinking, women, and thoughts of suicide. Then one day a stranger shared with him the love of Jesus Christ, and Paul discovered a peace he'd never known before.

Ally's Time to Dance
Ally shares her painful story of child sexual abuse, not to receive pity, but to testify of God's love. On the day she accepted God's gift of salvation, he completely changed her outlook. Before that day, she had lived with doubt, shame and anger. Now she lives with the light of hope in her heart. She knows God has a plan for her life. Now it's her time to dance.

Gwyn's Riptide Rescue
Gwyn began to wrestle with a violent current known as a riptide while swimming in the Pacific Ocean. At the same time her soul was battling an overwhelming wave of depression. The Lord's hand reached down miraculously to save her body from drowning, and then God spoke life to Gwyn's soul through his mighty Word, completing the rescue.

Isaac's Amazing Change
Even though Isaac was raised in a Christian home, he opened the door to sin at a young age. By 14 he was already traveling down a destructive road of drug addition, pornography, stealing, and dangerous thoughts of suicide. As Isaac's depression worsened, he took even greater risks, until one weekend he had an encounter with God. Since then,...

Broken Down to Bring Hope
After losing everyone she cared about, G.S began to experience an emotional and mental breakdown. One day while channel surfing, a Christian program about changed lives caught her attention. G.S. prayed to God that day, and her life began to change too. Now her dream is to bring hope to those who are broken down like she was.

Lisa's 180-Degree Turn
Lisa faced hard times as a single parent. When she could no longer find work she turned to drinking and drugs to avoid the depression that had set in. When Lisa's addiction caused her to lose her three kids, she still wouldn't quit. The same day she was arrested, Lisa picked up a Gideon's Bible and God spoke a strange message of hope to her heart.

Tonia's Rough Road
Tonia thought she knew the Lord. After hiding behind a facade, trying to please people and searching for love, Tonia ran away with the carnival. Her rocky road got rougher and love was always just beyond her reach, until one day Tonia realized she couldn't fool God. Now that she has received the love of Jesus, her life is finally moving in the...

Denise's Healing Redemption
Denise rebelled from her church upbringing early in her teen years. Eventually guilt, depression and anxiety took over her life. In her late 30s, when Denise felt she could no longer go on, God began a process of healing redemption. Now she spends her time sharing this good news with others.

Finding Something Real
Brendan was already falling for Jamie when she found out she was pregnant. He knew he needed to change and stop cheating on Jamie. But he needed a power greater than himself to resist the temptation — he needed something real. Eventually both Jamie and Brendan found that something real when they gave their lives to Jesus Christ.

Anne's Answer to Abuse
Beginning in infancy, Anne experienced severe abuse while being used by family members in Satanic rituals. When creative attempts to escape reality failed to ease her pain, Anne decided on suicide. But a kind stranger on a crisis hotline introduced her to a ministry that eventually led her to a relationship with God. Anne found the answers to her abuse in the healing power of God's love.

Sherly's Sweet Home
Sherly's life was miserable. Raised in a strict religious home, she grew up feeling dejected and hopeless. One day, in the midst of her misery and pain, God spoke to Sherly through a Christian radio program. When she accepted Jesus into her life, right away Sherly experienced peace and joy. Eventually her whole family accepted Christ and they began to enjoy a sweet home.

The Night God Pinned Me to the Floor
Joe was raised in a Christian home, but walked away from God at age 13. Against his parent's will, he enlisted in the Air Force, and began a career that would lead him even further from God. One night in a moment of raw honesty, Joe challenged God to prove his existence. God answered Joe by pinning him to the floor and proving to him once and...

Sunshine's New Day
Sunshine's life had taken a sudden downward turn. In her mental anguish she tried to end it all. Taking a gun, a cooler full of beer and swallowing a whole bottle of pills, she set out on a drive with no intention of returning. Then God made himself known to her in a strange and miraculous intervention. Unexpectedly, a new day dawned for...

Laurie's Path to Heaven
Laurie was turned off by religion, but one day she had a very real encounter with God. Her search led her down a rocky course, through New Age doctrine and into the deepest darkness of drug addiction. When she felt the evil power of the drug's complete control over her life, she turned to God to save her soul. He set her free from drugs and...

Kathy's Rays of Sunshine
After losing her brother to a terrible disease, Kathy began to question why God had not answered her prayers and healed him. She knew that God could have healed him. Depression overcame Kathy in her grief and she even attempted to take her own life. But God mercifully intervened with happiness like rays of sunshine, reminding her that her...

Sarah's Pain
Sarah hadn't had a sober day in 15 years. The emotional anguish and physical pain were becoming unbearable. One night she begged God to let her die. When she woke the next morning, a new Sarah began to live. Her cravings for liquor and cigarettes were gone. God's mercy had now replaced her pain and misery.

Paul's Answer from God - The Rain
At age 21, Paul was a confirmed atheist. God had become just a myth in Paul's estimation. Yet when a paralyzing depression and phobia eclipsed his world, Paul began to seek God. With the help of a Christian friend and a divine answer from God, Paul became a believer.

Dara's Legacy
Dara shares a testimony of thanksgiving for the godly women in her life. Each one has passed down a legacy of holy living and genuine faith in God. Dara's prayer is to follow in their footsteps and leave a legacy of godliness that will eternally influence the lives of her own children and grandchildren.

Terri's Journey
Terri grew up being passed from home to home, guardian to guardian. After several encounters of physical and sexual abuse, Terri felt alone, unloved and rejected. She turned to drugs to numb the pain and quickly became addicted. Years later, after the loss of her two-year-old son, in desperation, Terri cried out to God and her life began to drastically change.

Jeff's Best Decision
Jeff was basically a good kid. He went to church every Sunday with his family and he stayed out of trouble, yet something was missing in his life. At age fourteen he experienced a time of great depression. What made the difference, helping him pull out of his depression were these three simple words, "Jesus loves me."

Something Bigger than this World
Read about a young girl whose drinking, drug habits and sexual promiscuity led to an early, unwanted pregnancy. When she miscarried, no one knew - except her boyfriend - who reacted in a violent rage. At her lowest point she began to search for reasons for her existence. Then her desires started to change and suddenly she discovered something...

Dara's Wall
Dara had seen enough pain and abuse in her childhood to last a lifetime. In response she had built a protective wall around her heart. But "The Wall" kept out the love and acceptance she so desperately needed. When Dara turned to God and began to read his Word, "The Wall" began to crumble as God's unfailing love tumbled in.

Belinda's Question of Height
Belinda grew up with the stigma of being unusually tall. Negative attention, embarrassment, and scorn led to feelings of being unwanted and unaccepted by everyone, but especially by God. She was convinced she was "not supposed to be here." Then one day, while making a contract with Satan, Belinda received a wake up call from God.

Rhonda's Road
Rhonda had chosen a path that led her far away from God. Knowing her relationship with a married man was wrong, she still stayed with him, until he threatened her life in a violent rage. At that moment God came to Rhonda and spoke words of forgiveness and purpose.

Donna's Salvation
Donna hid behind a fragile shell for years, disguising the shame of abuse and burying her pain. But one day her world exploded into anguish and severe depression. Eventually suicide seemed her only way of escape. On the night Donna thought would be her last, her Savior spoke clearly the words she needed to hear.

God is My Shield
Thomas was earning a very high salary, yet still he suffered from an aching void within. He felt there had to be more to life than just making...

Trudy's U Turn - From Desperation to Dedication
Trudy's young life seemed ruined. In her desperate situation she considered suicide, but first she called out to God. He led her to a man named John, who introduced her to his Savior. Through miraculous healing, Trudy discovered God's unexplainable - yet very personal care, just when she needed it most.

My Baby Boy - A Double Love Story
Trudy, a single woman, pregnant and desperately alone, tried to have her unborn baby aborted. But her friend refused to help her. After giving birth to her baby boy, Trudy came close to ending her life, but instead she found Eternal Life filled with wonderful surprises from God.

Karenda's Miracles - From Sadness to Singing
Karenda carried the silent stigma of mental illness. In times of deep depression, and on more than one occasion, she attempted to take her own life. But the Lord spared her, and blessed her with miracles of love, children, and then at last, the acceptance of her illness.

BethAnn's Battle - From Darkness to Light
BethAnn, feeling hopeless and unloved, nearly lost her life to a massive drug overdose. In the midst of the battle for her soul, she cried out to God for help. At that moment God saved her and blessed her with a brand new hope for life.

Jen's Joy - Testimony of a Life Transformed from Depression to Hope
Be encouraged by this true story of a grandmother's faith and hope reborn. While witnessing God's faithfulness throughout her daughter's difficult pregnancy, Jen reclaims the joy she once knew years ago.

Gwen's Search - From Worthlessness to Abundant Love
Gwen spent most of her life searching for the love she lacked in childhood. The void quickly filled with empty depression, until one day when she was suddenly diagnosed with a terminal illness. That was when she cried out to God and He intervened. Gwen was not only given a miraculous extension of years, but a heart fulfilled with unshakeable hope, joy and peace.

Abraham's Search - From Despair to New Meaning
Abraham was a loner from childhood. Severe feelings of inadequacy and intellectual reasoning eventually led him to total despair. Yet the persistent witness of the most unlikely Christian friend grabbed a hold of Abraham's interest, leading him to make a personal decision to trust Christ as his Savior.

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