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Christian Testimonies About Drugs, Alcohol & Addictions

These Christian testimonies are true stories about people who have struggled with drugs, alcohol and other addictions. Each story reveals a life transformed by Christian faith. The testimonies are submitted by the members and visitors of this site. If you know someone with an interesting, life-transforming testimony, please refer them to this page.
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The Cry of a Mother
The Cry of a Mother tells how one woman overcame difficult circumstances in her own life and then pleaded for God to intervene in the life of her son.

Bonnies Reason to Live
Bonnie’s Reason to Live is a touching story of a young woman’s struggle to be free and the greatness of God to break the chains that bound her.

Garry's Emotional Healing
This is the story of a broken boy whose childhood dysfunction caused him to be ruled by fear, guilt, and shame, until he eventually found comfort and healing in a relationship with his heavenly Father.

Julie's Addict in the Family
Despite growing up in what seemed a perfect home, Julie had to face the reality of alcoholism in her family at a young age. She moved out to escape it, but within a few years was living with her another alcoholic—her husband. Eventually, Julie found a recovery program and began the path toward healing.

John's Chance To Change
John knew violence from a young age. He was abused by his father, then unwanted by his step-father. One day he met a friend who talked about God, stirring his thoughts. John decided to give his heart to Jesus, until life came crashing down and he returned to vodka. Soon John needed a change again, finally understanding that Jesus was the only one who could rescue and transform him permanently.

Tina's Taste of God's Mercy
Tina came to know Jesus as a teenager, but that didn't stop her from a lifetime of alcohol abuse. After 20 years of running far away from God, at age 35, Tina found her way back home through a 12 step recover program. Then she tasted God's mercy, his love and forgiveness, like she'd never known before.

Michelle's Recovery Story
After being addicted to meth for 20 years, Michelle began to think about God whenever she was high. Eventually, this lead her to attend church and begin a relationship with Jesus. She still struggled with the addiction, but with every use, Michelle was aware of God's forgiveness. He used this to show her that she needed to stop relying on her own strength and lean on him.

Samantha's Heaven-Sent Message
Growing up, Samantha felt loved and fortunate. In school she was popular and smart, making honor roll until her freshman year in high school when she began to self-destruct. Before long she was dangerously addicted to drugs and alcohol, and ready to end her own her life. One desperate night, Samantha received a mysterious text message, and that...

The Nightmare of a Five Year Old
Neil came to saving faith in Jesus Christ as a result of his five-year-old son's nightmare. Immediately after praying and accepting Jesus into his heart, Neil was able to quit a 20-year smoking habit. This was just the beginning of the changes in Neil's life, as he says, "because of Christ in me."

Coming Out Of A Trance
With little to no godly influences growing up, Jeff got involved with drugs and alcohol as a teenager. By 17 he was living with a woman and delving into crime. Once on a bad LSD trip, he came very close to losing his life. Then out of nowhere one day, he found himself consumed with thoughts about the God he had claimed did not exist. When Jeff...

Living Free
Austin's parents raised him while drinking and doing drugs, and so at a young age he fell into the same lifestyle. Getting in trouble at school quickly turned into doing time at the juvenile detention center. While his parents were in jail, he went into foster care. By the time he was 20 he had given up hope. Until one night God spoke to Austin...

Charlie's Refuge
Love and acceptance were missing from Charlie's childhood, so she looked for them in all the wrong places. Her life of crime started at 14, and every man she ever cared about abused and beat her. Selling drugs led to addictions, and prostitution led to owning brothels. In trouble with the law and running from refuge to rehab, she'd finally had...

My Journey to the Bottom and Back
Kathryn's childhood was stained by an absence of love. An abortion, abuse, depression, and a multitude of devastating losses led Kathryn on a search for love. Unable to feel deserving, she hit the bottom, and tried to kill herself with an overdose of meth. That day God spared her, delivered her, and brought her back.

Naomi's Darkest Times
Naomi's childhood memories are filled with rape, depression and neglect. At one point, things were so bad she went door to door asking for money to buy food. Trouble seemed to follow her everywhere. As a young woman, she fell into a pattern of violent relationships, and drug and alcohol abuse. Yet, through it all, in the darkest times of her life, God was with her. Then, the Lord did something miraculous for Naomi.

Waking From My Coma
Trace grew up in an emotionally abusive home. At a young age he experienced horrible rejection and humiliation from other boys. After high school, Trace found acceptance in the gay community and excitement through performing as a drag queen. But soon, he became addicted to sex and drugs. His wild living led to HIV, AIDS, and eventually, cancer ...

Trudy's Hope
Trudy was hopelessly addicted to crack cocaine. After three unsuccessful treatment programs, she was bankrupt and broken down in every way. At her lowest point, Trudy described herself as nothing but a burnt frame with holes for eyes. Then she entered a Christian rehab and met Jesus face to face. He saved Trudy, gave her hope, and set her free from her addiction to crack cocaine.

Ben's Intervention
Ben started drinking and doing drugs in his early teens. By 16 he had run away from home. One Christmas Day, God intervened in his life by showing him people who cared about him and could help. Ben turned to Christ that day. This intervention took place seven years ago, and since then Ben has never been the same.

Stacy's Sweet Submission
Toughened by an abusive childhood, even after becoming a Christian, Stacy remained emotionless and strong. But she was also very angry. What she didn't understand was that she had been simply enduring life in her own strength. Stacy had to become weak, so the Lord could be strong within her. Eventually she got past her anger and began healing by learning to feel.

Victor's Life Transformation
Victor went from troubled, to bad, to worse. By age 17 he had dropped out of school to become a full-time gangster. He was addicted to alcohol, smoking and pornography while pursuing a life of crime. One day Victor met a girl who invited him to church. There he met Jesus Christ and surrendered his life. Victor has never been the same again.

Isaac's Amazing Change
Even though Isaac was raised in a Christian home, he opened the door to sin at a young age. By 14 he was already traveling down a destructive road of drug addition, pornography, stealing, and dangerous thoughts of suicide. As Isaac's depression worsened, he took even greater risks, until one weekend he had an encounter with God. Since then,...

Lisa's 180-Degree Turn
Lisa faced hard times as a single parent. When she could no longer find work she turned to drinking and drugs to avoid the depression that had set in. When Lisa's addiction caused her to lose her three kids, she still wouldn't quit. The same day she was arrested, Lisa picked up a Gideon's Bible and God spoke a strange message of hope to her heart.

Eddie's Steps to Freedom
Eddie struggled with life-controlling addictions. Although he knew about Jesus, Eddie had not yet come to understand God's grace. Condemnation,...

Anne's Answer to Abuse
Beginning in infancy, Anne experienced severe abuse while being used by family members in Satanic rituals. When creative attempts to escape reality failed to ease her pain, Anne decided on suicide. But a kind stranger on a crisis hotline introduced her to a ministry that eventually led her to a relationship with God. Anne found the answers to her abuse in the healing power of God's love.

Laurie's Path to Heaven
Laurie was turned off by religion, but one day she had a very real encounter with God. Her search led her down a rocky course, through New Age doctrine and into the deepest darkness of drug addiction. When she felt the evil power of the drug's complete control over her life, she turned to God to save her soul. He set her free from drugs and...

Joe's Freedom
Joe was raised in a Christian home, giving his life to Christ at age five. But that didn't stop him from struggling with sin. Joe became a slave to habitual sins of pornography and sexual impurity. But through God's Word, prayer, and some practical steps, God delivered Joe and he now lives in the freedom of Christ.

Jesse's Turn Around
Jesse had always believed in Jesus, but as he matured he grew apart from God. A failed marriage and a broken heart turned him around, back to the Lord. Then after an almost fatal car wreck, Jesse decided to live each day for Christ. Now he shares how Jesus Christ has changed his life.

Michelle's Second Chance at Life
Michelle's unstable childhood, filled with abuse and neglect, led her down a destructive path of promiscuity and dysfunctional relationships. She knew if someone didn't save her, she would die. Then God sent a friend named Angel to point Michelle toward the best decision she'd ever make and a second chance at life.

Sarah's Pain
Sarah hadn't had a sober day in 15 years. The emotional anguish and physical pain were becoming unbearable. One night she begged God to let her die. When she woke the next morning, a new Sarah began to live. Her cravings for liquor and cigarettes were gone. God's mercy had now replaced her pain and misery.

Dara's Legacy
Dara shares a testimony of thanksgiving for the godly women in her life. Each one has passed down a legacy of holy living and genuine faith in God. Dara's prayer is to follow in their footsteps and leave a legacy of godliness that will eternally influence the lives of her own children and grandchildren.

Terri's Journey
Terri grew up being passed from home to home, guardian to guardian. After several encounters of physical and sexual abuse, Terri felt alone, unloved and rejected. She turned to drugs to numb the pain and quickly became addicted. Years later, after the loss of her two-year-old son, in desperation, Terri cried out to God and her life began to drastically change.

William's Peace - I Found My Cross
At a young age William was living a life influenced by drugs and crime. In and out of treatment and jail, William rode a merry-go-round that seemed to be leading to an early death. One day he got down on his knees and asked God to help him change. God filled him with a peace he'd never experienced before.

Jody's Path
Jody was abandoned by his mother as a baby. With a father who was in and out of jail, Jody quickly slipped into a life of drugs, theft and homelessness. Eventually he found God, but his drug addiction still continued to wreak havoc in Jody's life. Jody ended up losing his family and his home before he fully surrendered to the Lord.

Peter's Deliverance
Peter was recovering from drug addiction and living in a half-way house. There he decided to turn his life over to God. When he bought his first computer, he unknowingly purchased a stolen one. This was God's opportunity to test Peter's faith and obedience. Peter passed the test and later went on to become a successful business owner.

Something Bigger than this World
Read about a young girl whose drinking, drug habits and sexual promiscuity led to an early, unwanted pregnancy. When she miscarried, no one knew - except her boyfriend - who reacted in a violent rage. At her lowest point she began to search for reasons for her existence. Then her desires started to change and suddenly she discovered something...

Sandra's Breath of Fresh Air
Sandra started smoking marijuana and drinking as a teenager. This eventually led to a cocaine addiction. As time went by she lost everything she cherished. When she could run no longer, she found herself running to the arms of God. Like a breath of fresh air, God entered her mess of a life and began to put the pieces back together.

Angel's Change
Angel was looking for a way to fit in. Yet the drugs, drinking and partying didn't seem to offer the peace she knew was possible in life. Angel ended up in a church filled with ex-drug addicts holding Bibles and praising God. Suddenly she knew she'd found what she'd been looking for her whole life.

Dave's Pursuit of God
From drugs and alcohol to bodybuilding, career building, and back to dangerous addictions, Dave had tried it all. Yet none of these pursuits filled the sense of spiritual emptiness that seemed to follow him. Finally, Dave decided to give the Bible a chance. His search ended as he discovered the truth within God's Word, and the fulfillment he'd...

Jill's Milestones - From Jail to Jesus
Jill tried to free herself from the childhood sadness caused by divorce and parental neglect. She recklessly dove into a lifestyle of drugs and promiscuity. Jill spiraled downward into hopelessness until one day God's mercy intervened and Jill surrendered her life.

Vance's Rescue from Deep Waters
Vance had fallen so deep into trouble, pain and emptiness, he no longer knew the way out. He felt as though he was wasting his life. But God reached down from on high and took hold of Vance, rescuing him out of the deep waters.

A.J.'s Reason to Quit
A.J.'s life takes an unexpected detour in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where God calls him to be a preacher. Yet his Christian witness and ministry are hindered by a life-long habit of cigarette smoking. In an instant, through words aptly spoken by a stranger, God gives A.J. a reason to quit!

DeAnna's Poem - From Abuse to Surrender
In this testimony of a life transformed by faith in God you'll read DeAnna's unique story, taking on the form of a poetic prayer. After losing everything during a destructive battle with crack addiction, DeAnna is restored again in surrendering to her Lord.

Tom's Courage Testimony of a Life Transformed from Fear to Faith
In this testimony of a life transformed by God, you'll meet Tom. Tom is a man toughened by life at an early age. Abandoned by father and mother, he becomes a fighter. Yet one day this fighter surrenders to God. He trades his firearms for spiritual weapons, and loses his dependence upon drugs and alcohol. Tom finds new courage that comes from walking with God.

Don's Deliverance - From Lost to Found
Don was a self-proclaimed "user" most of his life. He used people to get what he wanted. He used drugs to find happiness. And finally he used up all of his chances. Don found himself in big trouble, winding up in jail. Lost and at his lowest point, that's when Don encountered God.

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