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Easter Ideas

Fun Easter Ideas for Christian Families


Home Cooking Easter Recipes

Cross Buns
Photo: Harrison Eastwood / Getty Images
Guide to Home Cooking, Peggy Trowbridge Filippone, aims to enhance your Easter celebrations with a variety of traditional and some not-so-traditional recipes, foods, and customs.

Southern Cooking Easter Menu and Recipes

Easter Ham
Photo: Ryan Harvey Photography / Getty Images
Southern Food Guide Diana Rattray knows how special Easter gatherings are for families in the South. Whether you're planning a traditional ham or roast leg of lamb, a breakfast, brunch, or a big Easter buffet, Diana will help you get a head start on planning your menu.

Greek Orthodox Easter Foods and Traditions

Easter Lamb
Photo: James Baigrie / Getty Images
In the Greek Orthodox religion, Easter is the biggest, most festive celebration of the year. Learn all about Greek Easter traditions and experience the flavors of a traditional Easter feast.

How to Make an Easter Bunny Cake

Easter Bunny Cake
Photo: © Jenna Jordan
Using two round cake layers, frosting, candy pieces, shredded coconut, and some food coloring, you can easily put together a fine looking Easter Bunny cake that's sure to be a hit with the kids.

Easy to Make Easter Bunny Cake

Easy Easter Bunny Cake
Photo: © Ann Logsdon
Here's another easy to make Easter Bunny cake idea from Ann Logsdon, About.com Guide to Learning Disabilities. This one is created from cupcakes.

Creative Easter Basket Ideas for Kids

Creative Easter Basket
Photo: © Getty Images
Looking for cleaver ideas besides chocolaty, sugary candies to fill your kid's Easter baskets this year? Check out these great suggestions.

Easter Basket Ideas for Little Kids

Easter Baskets for Little Kids
Photo: Orbon Alija / Getty Images
Amanda Rock, Guide to Preschoolers, enjoys creating Easter baskets with a special theme for her small ones. She starts with unique, unconventional containers and then fills them with unexpected, delightful little treats.

Easy Spring Flowers and Treats

Spring Flowers
Photo: Alexandra Grablewski / Getty Images
In the mood to decorate for Easter? Here are some bright ideas to add festive floral touches to your table. Each project uses inexpensive supplies that are easy to acquire, and can be completed in less than 15 minutes.

Spring Decorating Ideas

Spring Decorating
Photo: George Doyle / Getty Images
Here are a few more fresh Spring decorating ideas using bright colors and beautiful flowers from About.com's Interior Decorating Guide Lauren Flanagan.

Easter Lilies - Selecting and Caring for Easter Lilies

Easter Lilies
Photo: Comstock Images / Getty Images
Maybe you'd like to start a family tradition of growing Easter Lilies to enjoy during the Easter season. Gardening Guide Marie Iannotti will teach you everything you need to know, from selecting, caring for, and re-blooming your Easter Lilies.

Outdoor Easter Decorations

Outdoor Easter Decoration
Image: © David Beaulieu
Looking for some outdoor decorating inspiration this Spring? David Beaulieu, Guide to Landscaping, shows you how to spiff up your yard with a colorful array of outdoor Easter decorations.

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