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Top Thanksgiving Books

5 Favorite Books for Reading on Thanksgiving Day


Are you looking for a book to prepare your mood for the Thanksgiving holiday? Here are five favorite Thanksgiving books, perfect for curling up by the fire on a cool November night, or reading together with your family. They are written for children, but can be appreciated at any age.

1. Squanto and the Miracle of Thanksgiving

Squanto and the Miracle of Thanksgiving
Image Courtesy of Thomas Nelson
The story of Squanto is about an Indian who was captured at age 12 and sold into slavery. He was taken from his native America, raised by a Christian family and taught about faith in God. After 10 years he was sent back to America and discovered that an epidemic had killed everyone from his village. Squanto then learned that God had a purpose for his life.
Author: Eric Metaxas
Hardcover; 36 Pages.
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2. Thanksgiving, A Time to Remember

Thanksgiving, A Time to Remember
Image Courtesy of Crossway Books & Bibles
This book is designed to help families rediscover "the roots of thankfulness" and the "joy of tradition" on Thanksgiving. As you gather together, take some time to remember that Thanksgiving is not just about turkey and football. Review Thanksgiving history, research God's Word about remembrance, and learn original ways to create enduring memories. This book incorporates an instrumental CD of Thanksgiving hymns.
Author: Barbara Rainey
Hardcover; 80 Pages.
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3. An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving

An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving
Image Courtesy of Ideals Publications
This newer edition picture book adaptation of Louisa May Alcott's classic holiday story will truly bring to life the old-fashioned spirit of Thanksgiving. On the day before Thanksgiving, Ma and Pa must depart to help an ailing neighbor, leaving their children in charge of preparing the meal. Upon their return, the parents discover a delightfully strange Thanksgiving dinner.
Author: Louisa May Alcott
Hardcover; 32 Pages.
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4. The Story of Thanksgiving

The Story of Thanksgiving
Image Courtesy of Ideals Publications
This color illustrated book recites the story of the first Thanksgiving. It's perfect for teaching small children all about the pilgrims' voyage to America on the Mayflower, their quest for religious liberty, their arrival at Plymouth Rock, and their first year in the new land. They will learn how Native American Indians taught the pilgrims to plant and harvest, and then shared with them in a feast of thanksgiving.
Author: Nancy Skarmeas
Hardcover; 26 Pages.
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5. If You Were at The First Thanksgiving

If You Were at The First Thanksgiving
Image Courtesy of Scholastic Trade
Have you ever wondered what it was like to live among the original pilgrim children? What did they wear? What did they eat? What games did they play? This Thanksgiving step back in time as you teach your kids about life in the 1620s when settlers first celebrated their thankfulness to God in America.
Author: Anna Kamma
Paperback; 64 Pages.
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