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Brandy's Dedication

Christian Testimony About Overcoming Adversity


Brandy experienced one of the most difficult years of her life. She lost her mother to cancer, was fired from her job, experienced illness, financial pressure and was even forsaken by her friends. These were just a few of the trials she faced. But rather than give in to defeat, Brandy trusted in God who gave her the strength to overcome adversity and continue to fight the good fight of faith.

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Brandy's Dedication

The biggest testimony of my life used to be that I became a widow at age 20 in 1999. However, the more I crossed different valleys throughout my life, becoming a widow at age 20 only became the introduction to my testimony. The year 2007 proved to be an exceedingly more challenging time of my life than the year 1999.

Challenging Times

The year 2007 went something like this for me:
    In March, I gave birth to another son after successfully completing a second high risk pregnancy. However, I also experienced, for a second time, gestational hypertension which would last for the next 8 months.

    My mom, who was one of the closest friends of my heart, passed away with lung cancer in June, not even a year after being diagnosed; In July, my husband’s grandfather suddenly passed away. In August, I got fired from my job of 3 years because my newborn was ill and quarantined from day care for several days. All of my vacation and personal days were exhausted for the year being that I took leave in March to have the baby and then took several days off to be with my mother while ill, make arrangements when she passed, and time to support my husband in his loss as well.

    Since the baby was quarantined from day care, my husband and I had to split the days to take off with him, because my husband’s personal days were exhausted also. I faxed in all of the necessary paperwork from the day care to my supervisor and took one day off, only to walk into work the next day to be fired without my years of service and extensive overtime given a second look. I was told, before being escorted out the door, "What happens if another one your family members dies or gets sick? We can’t tolerate that here."

    On October 6th, my birthday, we got the keys to our newly purchased, first home, only to find the police at it the next day. Someone had broken in, stolen all of the copper plumbing pipes, and had done nearly $8,000 worth of vandalism. Several days later, we found out we had a gas leak from the street to the house. That made the leak our responsibility and the repair quotes ranged from $800 - $1300, leaving us without heat for almost a month. As a result, my infant and I became so ill we ended up in the emergency room. The cold air in our home triggered horrible congestion and bronchitis in us both, and we’re both asthmatics.

    On October 23rd, the day before my husband’s birthday, his mother was diagnosed with severe heart disease and heart failure; In November, the same week I told my husband I wanted to get my tubes tied (because of my history of high risk pregnancies) I found out I was pregnant; In January 2008, we were on the local news because our mini van was stolen from church during morning service. If that wasn't enough, co-workers from my old job began to spread rumors that we were on television lying about the theft and that our van actually had been repossessed.

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