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From Mommy With Love

Christian Mother's Poem


"From Mommy With Love" is a Christian mother's poem submitted by an About.com member. It's a prayer from a mother's heart filled with love for her child. Do you have an original Christian prayer that would encourage or benefit a fellow believer? Perhaps you've written a unique poem you'd like to share with others. We are looking for Christian prayers and poems to encourage our readers in their communication with God. To submit your original prayer or poem now, please fill out this Submission Form.

From Mommy With Love

Your world is small,
For now that's best.
I'll keep you safe,
Through life's first tests.

Each fall to the floor,
And each skinned knee,
Beside you with love
Is where I'll be.

Your first school fight,
Your first heart break,
It's with my protection,
These steps you'll take.

But when your world begins to grow,
There's someone else that you should know.
He's helping me be what you need,
Until his love your heart can see.

There's nothing that his hands can't touch.
He holds you close when life's too much.
Just speak his name and he'll be there,
To show you just how much he cares.

Tonight I hold you in my arms.
With him I keep you safe from harm.
Listen as I say his name,
So you will know to do the same.

Thank you, Jesus, for so much,
For your strength, your care, your touch.
Keep us close so he can see,
The amazing love you still show me.


--Submitted by About.com member, Tammy Dovichak

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