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I'm Alive

Christian Poem About the Moment of Surrender to Jesus Christ


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"I'm Alive" is a Christian poem expressing the thoughts and feelings of a new believer at the moment of surrender to Jesus Christ.

I'm Alive

I could feel the butterflies all fluttering,
Flocking around inside.
There was so much pain within,
I knew that I could not hide.
His Spirit reassured me,
Brought me to my knees.
His eyes could see me inside out.
I could not run from myself.
My heart was in his grasp.
I had always believed in Jesus,
The Son of God.
But, who would've thought this?
For when I finally came crashing down,
Hands up in the air,
I could not quit praising my Lord,
And what others thought,
I did not care.

--Submitted by Jason Kirk Bartley

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