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"A Letter to Jesus"

Original Christian Prayer

By I. A. S.

"A Letter to Jesus" is an original Christian prayer submitted by an About.com member. It is written for those who need another chance to change. Do you have an original Christian prayer that would encourage or benefit a fellow believer? Perhaps you've written a unique poem you'd like to share with others. We are looking for Christian prayers and poems to encourage our readers in their communication with God. To submit your original prayer or poem now, please fill out this Submission Form.

A Letter to Jesus

If I get another chance ...
I will do it right this time;
I will rise above the attacks;
I will give thanks when I should;
I will ask for help when I need it;
I will love when I am loved;
I will save instead of waste;
I will sacrifice instead of sin;
I will help instead of cheat;
I will be honest even when it hurts;
I will live with morals;
I will fight for those who can not;
I will give my best;
I will not sacrifice my faith for fortune;
I will work hard even if I am not appreciated;
I will give and not expect it returned;
I will appreciate my life;
I will eat my vegetables;
I will spend time with my family;
I will love myself;
I will forgive and forget;
I will hug and not hit;
I will love when hated;
I will not envy;
I will follow;
I will lead;
I will teach others to love you;
I will love you;
I will love you with my whole heart;
I will change!

Lord, grant me another chance. I can undo my wrongs, because of your love. I know evil, and I know I am not.

--Submitted by About.com member, I. A. S.

Note from the Author:

Many of us wait until it is too late, but we do not have to. Ask Jesus for another chance, and it will be granted. Jesus is not a genie, but we can be reborn. I am living proof that people can change, and with love you can defeat evil. Life is so precious, and our father wants us to appreciate it. Tonight in your prayers, tell Jesus what you will do, and not what you will not.

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