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Chosen One

Christian Poem About Listening to the Father's Voice


"Chosen One" is an original Christian poem submitted by an About.com member. It encourages readers to listen to the Father's voice when he calls to his chosen ones.

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Chosen One

My heavenly Father called one day
I did not listen to His voice or what He would say
I would not ask, nor would I call
To Him who could give me all
I thought I could do it alone

I did not need to come to Him to listen
Alone I was sufficient
I had it all, or so I thought
I did not want to be put on the spot
I did not think that I had sinned
For truly I was good from within
I went along in my pride
Until one day I lost my stride
I began to fall apart
Deep within my heart I began to grieve
For truly I had been deceived
The god I chose was wrong, of course
And I could not rejoice in those things I had done
For no victory had I won
The treasures I had sought
Were not ones that would sustain
There was no joy, no hope or love--only pain

Today I know the truth
That truth has set me free
My heavenly Father, so loved me
He gave His only Son
That I might be His chosen one

--Sheila DeMartino

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