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Christian Poem About the Eternal Quality of Love


"Eternity" is an original Christian poem submitted by an About.com member. It expresses the eternal quality of love. Do you have an original Christian prayer that would encourage or benefit a fellow believer? Perhaps you've written a unique poem you'd like to share with others. We are looking for Christian prayers and poems to encourage our readers in their communication with God. To submit your original prayer or poem now, please fill out this Submission Form.


All things I see
Will pass away,
But love of child
Lives past my day.

Ripples far
Beyond my sight,
Return to me
My pure delight.

All die some day
Leave legacy,
Our influence
Was theirs to see.

One day my child
Pray pass this on,
To live beyond
Through daughter or son.

For what is seen
Not always better,
Love by far
It lasts forever.

--Submitted by About.com member, Jack Wellman

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