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What Have I Learned?

Christian Poem About Growing Through Adversity


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"What Have I Learned?" is an original Christian poem about learning to grow through adversity.

What Have I Learned?

What have I learned by being in jail?
By doing my time, not leaving on bail?
I've learned that no matter how far we may roam,
Our Father makes sure that His children come home.

You see, He hadn't heard from me in a while.
And to neglect Him in prayer just wasn't my style.
So when He checked up on the places I'd been,
He figured it's time now to wash away sin.

I can just picture His face in delight,
"It's time to come in and clean up for the night.
I have some plans tailor-made just for you.
You have to prepare for the things you must do."

"And don't pay attention to what people say,
It won't hurt you a bit to be locked away.
As a matter of fact, little child of mine,
To clear up those warrants is simply divine!"

"Besides, they would only just be in the way."
Those are some things I think He would say.
I can picture His face looking down from above,
And even in jail, I'm filled with His love.

--Submitted by Mandi Neill

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