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Your Darkest Hour

Original Christian Poem About the Storms of Life


"Your Darkest Hour" is an original Christian poem submitted by an About.com member. It's a hope-filled message, reminding us that God is always there shining his light in the darkest storms of life. Do you have an original Christian prayer that would encourage or benefit a fellow believer? Perhaps you've written a unique poem you'd like to share with others. We are looking for Christian prayers and poems to encourage our readers in their communication with God. To submit your original prayer or poem now, please fill out this Submission Form.

Your Darkest Hour

During the time in life when it's your darkest hour
Put your trust in God because He is the almighty power
Lift your head up for there will soon be a brighter day
Joy is sure to come and chase the gloomy clouds away.

Believe in Him, He will bring you through the storm
Keep the faith, trust in God, that is how hope is born
Let the Father into your heart, take it all to Him in prayer
He will never leave you, day or night, He is always there.

During the time in life when troubles seem hard to face
Put your trust in God and be saved by His amazing grace
Know that even in your darkest hour there is forever light
The light from our Heavenly Father shines with His might.

--Submitted by About.com member, Angela Sellers

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