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Christian Testimonies About Miraculous Intervention

These Christian testimonies are true stories about people who have experienced miraculous intervention. Each story reveals a life transformed by Christian faith. The testimonies are submitted by the members and visitors of this site. If you know someone with an interesting, life-transforming testimony, please refer them to this page.
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God's Gift of Intervention
Read Lynn's story of God's intervention and providential plan to protect her son's life. In a dream, she was given a promise, although it wasn't clear at first. But when she learned she was pregnant, she made an appointment for an abortion. God intervened at the clinic doors and saved her son's life, a reminder of God's plan always giving us a hope and future.

Pete's Quest for Truth
Pete's Quest for Truth is the true story of one man's all-consuming search to discover the truth about God, taking him deep into the dark world of the occult.

Paula's Divine Intervention
From a young age and into her adult life, Paula continually wrestled with depression. As her life became intensely stressful, she made a suicide attempt, and experienced a divine intervention. Years later, she still felt guilt, but knew God was the one who had saved her. As she began to draw near to him, she experienced his forgiveness, was...

Stan's Wake-Up Call
Several times in the course of Stan's life, God tried to get his attention. In high school he first believed, but he failed to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior. Finally after years of procrastination, God sent a wake-up call that Stan could not ignore--he lost his ability to walk after suffering an aortic aneurysm.

Joe's Near Death Experience
Joe gave his life to Jesus Christ after seeing the Lord in a dream. Following the Lord's instructions, Joe became a street preacher. Several years and two heart attacks later, while undergoing a heart catheterization, Joe went into cardiac arrest and had an out of body experience. Find out what Joe discovered through his near death experience.

Keith's Spiritual Gift
Keith's Spiritual Gift is the Christian testimony of a church hypocrite. He attended church on Sundays but never understood what it meant to serve God. Eventually through a teaching in Sunday School about spiritual gifts, Jesus spoke a direct message to Keith. His burden lifted that day, and a servant of God was born.

Rose's Relationship with Jesus
Rose gave her life to Jesus at 13. Now, as a young adult, she faces many challenges. Growing in the Christian faith, Rose is learning that God is the only One who can help her conquer each problem through a relationship with Jesus.

Emmanuel's Visions
Emmanuel grew up in an abusive environment. This led him into bad behavior and a mean-spirited attitude, but vivid encounters with angels and demons in his youth left a strong impression on Emmanuel. He accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior, but it wasn't until years later and another heavenly vision, that Emmanuel received spiritual clarity and...

Noah's Living Water
Noah had spent his life living for self. Although he did everything he could imagine to feel good, nothing brought true satisfaction. After losing his girlfriend and the family they had formed, Noah reached his lowest point. Alone in church, God confronted his selfishness and offered him a taste of living water. That day, the Lord completely...

Sharon's Saved Marriage
As newlyweds, Sharon and her husband struggled in marriage, but Sharon didn't understand why. In less than a year, they found themselves in divorce court. Then Sharon gave her life to Jesus Christ, and soon God revealed the reason for her struggles. She wasn't respecting her husband. As Sharon began to apply the truth of God's Word, it changed her life and saved her marriage.

Will's Miracle Story
Will was driving a gasoline truck when a drunk driver blocked his path, sending him rolling and crashing until he was trapped in a ball of flames. With no way out, as Will thought of his wife and two small boys, he asked God for help. God answered with a miracle of fresh air, a path out of the wreckage, and salvation from cert…

Delivered from Darkness
Before Christ Brooke lived as a lesbian. Her life was filled with violence, nude dancing, drugs, sex and booze. Read her testimony of dramatic change as she was delivered from darkness through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Angie's Escape from the Enemy
Angie thought a free Tarot card reading would be a fun way to pass the afternoon. What she didn't realize was that this one act would change her life forever. Within one month, Angie was hooked and began to study everything she could get her hands on regarding Tarot and Witchcraft, eventually becoming a powerful witch.

Nancy's Pink Blanket
All alone at age ten, with a mentally ill, hospitalized mother and a father who had just passed away, Nancy went to stay with her elderly widowed aunt. Living with this harsh woman, Nancy dearly missed the love she had once known with her father, until one day in a moment of despair, God rushed into her world through an answered prayer and an unlikely event with a pink blanket.

Embee's Pentecost Experience
Embee lost interest in faith at an early age. By the time she reached grad school, her life was fulfilling, fun, and she felt no need for God. Yet,...

Khalid's Challenge
Khalid Mansoor Soomro is from the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. He was an ardent follower of Mohammed until he decided to make a challenge to some...

Nasir's Vision
Nasir was just beginning his new life in the United States after moving from the Middle East, when he was robbed, beaten and left for dead. Yet, while hospitalized and in a coma, Jesus appeared to Nasir, explaining that he must be born again to live. Soon he awoke from the coma, and within days Nasir was, indeed, born again.

Douglas and Glenda's Answered Prayer
Douglas struggled through a difficult divorce in the UK. Five thousand miles away in Guyana, a woman also suffered through a terrible divorce. Years later and from continents apart, they were brought to the same church service where God began to answer the sincere prayer both had been praying from the heart.

Verne's One Thing More
Verne is in his early seventies. He's been blessed with a wonderful wife of nearly 50 years, three sons and a grandson. He's happy with the good things in his long life, but there's one thing more that means everything to Verne, and that's why he's sharing his story. He wants you to experience the same assurance he has come to know through...

Madhu's Living God
Madhu grew up in a family of Hindus where idol worship was the norm. Watching the wasteful rituals with handmade, dead idols that produced no change in the worshiper's character, seemed like a senseless thing to Madhu. Then, when he met some Christians who showed him the way to life in Jesus Christ, Madhu found the living God.

Ammie's Escape
Ever since she was a young girl, Ammie found an escape through writing. She thought one day she might write a great American novel. But instead Ammie found comfort in writing about her relationship with God. She doesn't write to shine a spotlight on herself, but rather to be a witness of the good things God has done in her life.

Brandy's Dedication
Brandy experienced one of the most difficult years of her life. She lost her mother to cancer, was fired from her job, experienced illness, financial pressure and was even forsaken by her friends. These were just a few of the trials she faced. But rather than give in to defeat, Brandy trusted in God who gave her the strength to overcome adversity and continue to fight the good fight of faith.

Ayana's Quest for Love
Ayana grew up never feeling her mother's favor, unless she did something to please her. This confusion about love spilled over into Ayana's relationship with God and developed into a compulsion to serve the Lord in an effort to win God's love. Eventually her quest for love was satisfied when illness brought her to a weakened place where the only...

Betty's Offering
Betty's marriage was failing. One night she prayed a desperate prayer. Betty asked God for a child to love, and the Lord granted her prayer. Yet two years later, God would require the child back, when placing her for adoption seemed like the only way to secure the health care she needed. Betty gave everything she had to the Lord, and he blessed...

Marie's True Witness
In this Christian testimony about an ex-Jehovah's Witness, you'll read how Marie was raised in a family of Jehovah's Witnesses. After years of following legalistic rules, she came to feel a sense of hopelessness as she tried to earn salvation. At age 32 Marie left this religion and abandoned God, until one day when a small group of Christians introduced her to the real Christ. Marie suddenly felt God running to her.

Gwyn's Riptide Rescue
Gwyn began to wrestle with a violent current known as a riptide while swimming in the Pacific Ocean. At the same time her soul was battling an overwhelming wave of depression. The Lord's hand reached down miraculously to save her body from drowning, and then God spoke life to Gwyn's soul through his mighty Word, completing the rescue.

Gina's Dream from God
God spoke to Gina through a dream and told her she would have a beautiful baby boy. As the years passed, however, she forgot the dream. When she became pregnant 5 years later, she came close to having an abortion, until God used a series of events and several people to bring hope into Gina's life. Then by God's grace, Gina experienced the...

Amanda's Reason to Remember
At her lowest point, God sent a listening friend who would point Amanda toward Jesus. When she asked him to be her Savior, Amanda found happiness and a reason to always remember where she came from. Recalling that once she had nothing to live for, now Amanda knows a strength from the Lord, and the security of walking with Jesus forever.

Denise's Healing Redemption
Denise rebelled from her church upbringing early in her teen years. Eventually guilt, depression and anxiety took over her life. In her late 30s, when Denise felt she could no longer go on, God began a process of healing redemption. Now she spends her time sharing this good news with others.

Catharine's Dream Come True
Catharine's dream—or better—her nightmare, warned of impending danger. Yet by the time the real-life peril entered her life, she had forgotten the dream. God intervened and Catharine escaped from the devil's trap unharmed, but not without learning a valuable lesson about paying close attention to your dreams.

The Night God Pinned Me to the Floor
Joe was raised in a Christian home, but walked away from God at age 13. Against his parent's will, he enlisted in the Air Force, and began a career that would lead him even further from God. One night in a moment of raw honesty, Joe challenged God to prove his existence. God answered Joe by pinning him to the floor and proving to him once and...

Raven's Breath of Life
Raven can't help but offer praises to God after surviving an aneurysm that split her aorta in half from top to bottom. Following surgery she actually died, but God breathed life into Raven and gave her a new purpose for living.

Sunshine's New Day
Sunshine's life had taken a sudden downward turn. In her mental anguish she tried to end it all. Taking a gun, a cooler full of beer and swallowing a whole bottle of pills, she set out on a drive with no intention of returning. Then God made himself known to her in a strange and miraculous intervention. Unexpectedly, a new day dawned for...

Joe's Freedom
Joe was raised in a Christian home, giving his life to Christ at age five. But that didn't stop him from struggling with sin. Joe became a slave to habitual sins of pornography and sexual impurity. But through God's Word, prayer, and some practical steps, God delivered Joe and he now lives in the freedom of Christ.

Paul's Answer from God - The Rain
At age 21, Paul was a confirmed atheist. God had become just a myth in Paul's estimation. Yet when a paralyzing depression and phobia eclipsed his world, Paul began to seek God. With the help of a Christian friend and a divine answer from God, Paul became a believer.

Jeff's Best Decision
Jeff was basically a good kid. He went to church every Sunday with his family and he stayed out of trouble, yet something was missing in his life. At age fourteen he experienced a time of great depression. What made the difference, helping him pull out of his depression were these three simple words, "Jesus loves me."

Mercy's Favor
"Mercy's Favor" is the story of a poor widow who was falsely accused. Her late husband's relatives fraudulently sold her house without her consent or knowledge. She fought the court case with no money, a house full of children, and only God to defend her. For 12 years the battle dragged on, but eventually God granted victory in Mercy's favor.

Jeanette's Doorway to a New Life
During a time of extreme loneliness and sorrow, Jeanette turned to God in an effort to discover a sense of meaning. Immediately life became brighter. Jeanette found much more than meaning, including, as she put it, the doorway to a new life.

Angel's Change
Angel was looking for a way to fit in. Yet the drugs, drinking and partying didn't seem to offer the peace she knew was possible in life. Angel ended up in a church filled with ex-drug addicts holding Bibles and praising God. Suddenly she knew she'd found what she'd been looking for her whole life.

Mama Kel's Trials - From Testing to Trusting
A series of terrible tragedies could have left Mama Kel devastated and angry with God. Instead her strong faith and trust in God and His goodness helped her to see that tests and trials have a purpose in life. She now looks back with thankfulness for everything she endured.

Irvin's Story - "The Wonderful Christmas" Testimony
Irvin is a single-parent with one wish for Christmas -- that his three young children will be blessed to have a wonderful Christmas, including the chance to spend precious time with their mother. God grants his wish and more, taking Irvin on a journey of faith, blessing and leading him each step of the way.

Richard's Q & A - From Uncertainty to Knowing
Richard's true story of a life transformed by faith in God is a unique testimony, taking on the form of a question and answer session between him...

Bruce's Best Friend - God's Messenger of Love
The war, the military, and living in far eastern ports had hardened Bruce's heart. Then, through the companionship of Caleb, a miniature dachshund hound, God sent His divine joy and love into Bruce's life.

Warren's Search for Truth
Warren grew up attending church with his family but never studied the Bible. He was just "going through the motions" of religion. One day a co-worker ignited his interest to search for truth by giving Warren a glimpse of God's plan of salvation from the Bible. Warren came to faith in Jesus Christ and experienced a sudden, radical change in...

A Couple's Completion - From Emptiness to Fulfillment
After being separated several times, everything was finally going much better for Tony and Ellyn - except for the great big hole in their hearts that nothing seemed to fill. Separately they found what they needed to fill the hole, together they found completion as a married couple. This is their true story of a marriage made whole and two hearts...

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