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Amanda's Reason to Remember

Finding Happiness - Christian Testimony

By Amanda

At her lowest point, God sent a listening friend who would point Amanda toward Jesus. When she asked him to be her Savior, Amanda found happiness and a reason to always remember where she came from. Recalling that once she had nothing to live for, today Amanda knows a strength from the Lord, and the security of walking with Jesus forever.

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Amanda's Reason to Remember

Before I met him my life was going down the drain. I had nothing to live for, let alone die for.

There was no light at the end of my tunnel. In fact, there wasn't even a tunnel. Only a deep, damp grave. Those days passed long ago, but I can’t ever let myself forget them.

A few summers back I met a wonderful guy who had sparked my interest. His name was Erik. We had only talked and gone out a few times, but I was hooked. I opened up to him about myself and all the messed-up problems I was dealing with in my life.

First, there were the alcoholics. I was living on my own at age 15, stealing, having sex, and the list goes on.

The Answer - An Invitation

Erik always listened, but one day he answered. He asked if he could take me somewhere. I liked him, so I agreed. Early one Sunday morning we pulled up to his church.

I had never been in a church my whole life and I was unsure about what I should do. My heart began to panic. As we took our seats I relaxed a little and began to skim the crowd while light Christian rock music began to play.

I noticed everyone was dressed casually in jeans and sweaters. But I also noticed everyone’s faces were so lit up with happy expressions. I never knew church made people happy.

A New Interest

After the service another interest sparked in my life. I wanted to go back again and again and find out what all the happiness was about. I soon learned that it wasn't the church that made people happy, but rather, it was God and his son Jesus. They were the reason for the happy expressions on people's faces.

A New Direction

Erik and I drifted apart, but I continued to grow at this church. Over the next few years I learned so much. I started to notice a slight change in my life in the right direction.

One day at church I took the greatest leap of faith and prayed to God. I asked Jesus to be my personal Savior. I walked out of church that warm and sunny Sunday afternoon, a new person. And I've never regretted it.

I wish I could say from that day on I lived a perfect life. Tra la la, and happily ever after ... the end.

But that's not reality.

A New Strength

Being saved didn't take away all of the problems from the past. But it gave me a new strength. I have the Lord to be by my side always.

Just this year I was baptized and began teaching Sunday school. I would have never imagined this for my life three years ago.

I was at the lowest point of my life when Christ came knocking at my door. Boy, am I glad I let him in! Otherwise, I probably would be pregnant, drugged up, or even worse—dead.

Those days are passed. But I always remember to never forget where I came from. I know where I have been, but I also know where I am going. As long as I walk with Jesus I am safe forever and I know I'm on the winning side.

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