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Will's Miracle Story

Christian Testimony About Salvation from Death


Will was driving a gasoline truck when a drunk driver blocked his path, sending him rolling and crashing until he was trapped in a ball of flames. With no way out, as Will thought of his wife and two small boys, he asked God for help. God answered with a miracle of fresh air, a path out of the wreckage, and salvation from certain death.

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Will's Miracle Story

In December 1986, I was driving a gasoline truck with 2500 gallons of gas in the tanks. A drunk driver turned across the road and stopped in front of me. I hit him.

My truck rolled over, causing my fuel tank to bust. At that point, I found myself in a river of burning gasoline, trying to find a way out of my smashed truck.

There seemed to be no way out.

As I gave up the fight for life and realized I was going to die, a strange kind of peace came over me. I began to think of my wife and two small boys.

What would they do without me?

But I was powerless against what was happening to me. I had lost my breath, and by automatic reaction, my body took a breath of flames.

Within seconds of sure death, I said in my heart and mind, "God, please don't let me die."

That is when my miracle took place.

The flames parted. There was fresh air for me to breath. It was incredible.

Later, I learned that the flames were reported by bystanders to be 80-100 feet high. Yet, in the midst of all this, there was a path through raw gasoline that did not burn until I was cleared of the wreckage.

Of this I am sure—if you haven't experienced God, he is waiting for you right now. Just call out to him like I did. He heard me that day. He will hear you too.

In Christ,

Pastor Will

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