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New Year's Holiday

Find practical information about New Year's Day for Christians, including tips, celebration ideas, Bible verses, Christian customs, and many more resources associated with the New Year's holiday.

Bible Verses for the New Year
Begin the New Year meditating on these encouraging Bible verses chosen to inspire a fresh new walk with God and a deeper commitment to living the Christian faith.

New Year's Prayer
Written in poetry form, this New Year's prayer resounds with a re-dedication theme of daily surrender and obedience to the Lord.

A New Year's Poem for Christians
Start the year with a biblical mindset by reading this New Year's Poem for Christians.

A New Year's Plan
Starting this New Year's Day, I challenge you with the words of this poem to make a simple, fresh commitment to following the Lord Jesus step by step, day by day, giving him your all in all.

More Prayerful New Year's Poems
Bring in the New Year with this prayerful collection of poems for Christians.

"Deepen Your Faith" Tips
Here are five tips to help you get off to a strong start as a Christian. Each tip offers a simple yet profound way to deepen your Christian walk of faith.

Tips for Reading the Bible in a Year
Reading through the Bible is one of the most important essentials in the daily life of a Christian. The easiest way to grow in the faith and deepen your relationship with God is to make Bible reading a priority. With these suggestions and tips, you'll have no reason not to succeed!

2013 Plan: All That I Am
In 2013 my New Year's plan is simply to resolve each day to give the Lord Jesus my all in all. Inspired by the intention, I wrote this poem.

2012 Goal: Day by Day, Simply Obey
My uncomplicated goal for 2012 can be summarized with this motto: day by day, simply obey.

Run to Win in 2010
This year's challenge (to myself and to you) builds upon the idea of competing in a race. If you recall, last year I encouraged you to "set your eyes on the prize in 2009." Now I've added the concept of "running to win in 2010."

A Blessed Re-New Year in 2008!
Why not bring in this New Year with spiritual fireworks by fanning into flames your passion for God and commitment to follow Christ? Here are some practical tools and resources designed to help you move into 2008 with a renewed excitement for the Lord.

Best of Christianity in 2006
Take a look back at the best Christian songs, albums, videos, books, workplaces, news and films of 2006.

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