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Living as if Heaven Matters by David Shibley

Christian Book Review

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Living as if Heaven Matters by David Shibley

Living as if Heaven Matters by David Shibley

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The Bottom Line

Reading David Shibley's book, Living as if Heaven Matters, confronted me with the reality that life on earth is short and what really matters is where we'll spend eternity. Shibley's urgent message of getting ready for heaven should propel everyone to make sure they have their passport and are ready to board when the trumpet sounds. For the Christian, the book is a wake up call to use our time on earth for bringing more believers into the kingdom of God and doing the work of Christ.


  • Filled with encouraging Scriptures.
  • Offers assurance to those worried about dying, reminding us there's no fear if you're a child of God.
  • Ties in both historical and contemporary events.
  • Compels Christian to get their priorities in order.
  • Urges Christians to get busy and win souls for Christ.


  • Couldn't find anything not to like about it.


  • Genre: Nonfiction; Motivational
  • Release Date: October 2007
  • Author: David Shibley
  • Publisher: Charisma House
  • ISBN: 9781599791661
  • Format: Paperback, 203 Pages

Book Review - Living as if Heaven Matters by David Shibley

Living as if Heaven Matters is one of those books that's not only rich in spiritual promises and truths, but is also a comfort for anyone who suffers as a Christian. A manual for preparing for heaven, the author puts present-day trials in eternal perspective. For example, it will cause you to ask yourself, "What difference will it make a hundred years from now if I never get that promotion or travel abroad?"

The book stresses this biblical reality: all that matters is what you do with God's son, Jesus Christ, while on earth. The author doesn't stop at praying the salvation prayer, but challenges Christians to do the work of God's kingdom.

Living as if Heaven Matters records Scriptures that promise heavenly rewards for earthly good deeds. It reassures us that death ushers in a world indescribable and that believers should have no fear of death. Instead of spending our time afraid of dying, it encourages us to use our lives to prepare for heaven. Shibley reminds hurting Christians who are struggling in this world to persevere in doing the work of God for the best is yet to come.

It convicts and awakens the sluggish Christian to be more aware of how he spends his time. Shibley relates how eternal-minded saints such as Mother Theresa don't hole up in a monastery, waiting for Jesus' return, but labor among the world's most needy. It also calms the anxiety of living in a post 9/11 world, reminding us that even terrorism can't take away the hope of the believer. Regardless of how difficult life on earth gets, we can rest in the hope of life in eternity with Jesus.

About the Author

David Shibley is a graduate of John Brown University in Arkansas and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He received an honorary doctorate from Oral Roberts University. The author of 15 books, Shibley is president and founder of Global Advance, an international training ministry that has equipped more than 350,000 churches and business leaders in 80 nations for living the Great Commission. He is also a conference speaker and hosts a daily radio program, WorldWatch with David Shibley.

Favorite Quote from the Book

Martin Luther remarked that there were only two days of importance on his calendar: today and "that day"—the day of the Lord.

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