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Christian Parenting Advice

This page offers support for Christian parents and family advice through quality Christian articles and websites. Find practical help for your family in every aspect of daily living as a Christian parent in today's world.

Top Children's Bibles
One of the best ways to teach your child about God is to give him or her a children's Bible. You'll want to choose one designed to communicate God's Word at your child's level of understanding. So, with a bit of help from my church's Children's Ministry Pastor, Jim O'Connor, I'd like to present a selection of top children's Bibles, including...

How to Teach Children to Pray
Prayer is how we communicate with God. If we want our kids to develop a lasting relationship with Jesus, teaching them how to pray is essential. Find advice and ideas for teaching children to pray.

4 Prayer Activities for Children
Since young ones learn best through play, these prayer activities and games will help you quickly and easily teach kids how to pray. These methods can be taught either at home or in a Sunday School class.

Prayers for Children
Christian children love to say prayers, especially prayers with rhyme and rhythm. These are simple children's prayers you can teach your child to pray in the morning and evening, for blessings at mealtimes and special prayers for protection.

Family Prayers
These Christian family prayers are perfect for praying around the family altar, at special occasions and holidays, during family devotions, and before or after family Bible studies.

Parent's Prayer for a Child
The Bible tells us that children are a gift from the Lord. This parent's prayer for a child will assist you in reflecting on God's Word and remembering his promises as you dedicate your precious child back to God in prayer.

Training Up Godly Kids Through Family Bible Study
One of the most effective ways to train up godly children is to talk to them about God and teach them about the Bible. But designing a family Bible study can sound a bit intimidating at first. This resource provides Christian parents with real world reasons and practical applications for planning a family Bible study.

Memorize Bible Verses as a Family
With these techniques, not only will your whole family memorize Bible verses, you'll be spending more time together, giving your kids ideals for living, keeping them busy, and teaching them about God.

Top Christian Homeschool Curriculum
This list covers top Christian homeschooling curricula for all ages and budgets of any size. Using a good curriculum saves homeschool parents from lesson planning, searching for books, worksheets, and other components used in homeschool education.

Bible Verses for Children
Christian parents, if you're making a fresh commitment to Scripture memorization this year, why not make it fun and get your children involved too? The Bible teaches us plainly that learning God's Word and his ways at an early age will have lifelong benefits.

Bible Verses About Family
God designed us to live in families, therefore, family relationships are important to the Lord. When we receive Jesus Christ at salvation, we are adopted into God's family. These Bible verses about family show the various relational aspects of a godly family unit.

Bible Verses for New Baby
These new baby verses from the Bible are specially chosen for Christian parents awaiting the blessing of their baby's birth. They can be used in Christian Baby Dedication ceremonies, christenings, or included in your birth announcements. You may also wish to write one of these new baby verses in your baby shower or new baby greeting cards.

Raising Kids God's Way
Are you still looking for the manual on how to pass on your faith to your children? Do you need to know how to raise kids God's way? This guide offers a simple, practical starting place for learning how to pass on your Christian faith to your children.

Living Through the Loss of a Child
The loss of a child is one of lifes greatest tragedies for a parent. See how a young mother and her family clung to God while coping through the heartbreak and loss.

Coping with Childhood Cancer - Interview with Patrick Doughtie
Letters to God isn't a sad movie about a child with cancer. "It's a celebration of life," said the film's co-director Patrick Doughtie, "and an uplifting and inspirational movie about hope and faith!" I had the privilege of interviewing Patrick Doughtie, and I believe, if your family is dealing with cancer and loss, you'll find tremendous...

Advice for Parents of Teens - When Your Teen Starts Dating
Christian teens are like any other adolescent. When they start to grow up, they also start to form attachments to members of the opposite sex. While most parents would love their children to stay little forever, eventually the issue of dating will come up.

Children's Book Review: Some of the Parts by Gerry Rzeppa
Some of the Parts by Gerry Rzeppa, is a "think-outside-of-the-box" children's poetical fiction that touches on several age-old spiritual topics. It offers a good defense against atheism by addressing ancient questions from "where did we come from" to "where are we going after death."

Top 10 Christian DVD and Video Series for Children
Christian parents: Why not choose entertainment that will teach Christian values to your children? These high quality DVD and video series are sure to enlighten and amuse your children as they learn biblical truths applied at their age level. These Top 10 Christian DVD and Video Series for Children will positively reinforce your godly training.

Baby Dedication - What is Baby Dedication?
A Baby Dedication is a ceremony in which believing parents, and sometimes entire families, make a commitment before the Lord to submit a child to God's will and to raise that child according to God's Word and God's ways.

Christian Baby Names - Baby Names from the Bible
Are you searching for the perfect Christian name for your baby? This collection of Christian baby names brings together names or words found in the Bible, or names derived from biblical names and words, including the language origin of the name, location of the word in the Bible, and the meaning of the name.

Glorify God - Not Violence: Video Game Options for Christian Parents
With video games topping the list of entertainment for kids today, Christian parents need to know how to find faith-based, quality video game options for their kids. Learn how to satisfy the gamers in your family without sacrificing Christian values. Find good video games with a godly message or discover how to choose decent mainstream video games.

Christian Parenting Devotion
Christian Parenting Devotion is a website offering sound biblical advice to help you on your journey of raising kids God’s way.

Grace Place Kids Videos
Grace Place Kids is an internet-based Christian video site developed for today's children and young families to share the stories and love of our Creator in a hip, friendly way. Our goal is to encourage children and their families to joyfully seek and develop a personal relationship with God. Each video podcast online is free, and has a corresponding song that accompanies it.

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