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Ameerah Lewis


Ameerah Lewis

Ameerah Lewis

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Ameerah Lewis :

Ameerah Lewis grew up in a small town in Michigan. The granddaughter of a Muslim minister, she was raised as a follower of Islam, and rejected Jesus as her savior. During high school, she took a hard look around at the world, and began to question if God really existed at all.

It was not until she went away to college that she discovered the love and peace that came through a relationship with Christ. It was also there that she met her husband, and they decided to live their lives for the Lord. The two of them make their home in Cincinnati, Ohio.


Ameerah is an educator by trade. Her expertise is in English, and she has taught high school students, as well as adults seeking their GED, and those struggling in English at the collegiate level. She has also worked with young unwed mothers to show them how to teach their new babies through play.

In a desire to use her love for teaching to glorify God, Ameerah has also served as a Bible school teacher for both adults and small children.

Unique Challenge:

One of the biggest challenges that Ameerah has had to face has been her health. Soon after she graduated college, she realized that something about her health was not right, but the doctors could find nothing wrong. Eventually, after a few years of watching her health decline, she was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia, and told that there was no cure.

Fighting off the temptations of self-pity and resentment was not easy. But, through her fight to regain her health, Ameerah has learned that God never leaves us to fight alone. She has also learned to be grateful for each day, and for the small miracles that each one holds.


After leaving her sixth job in five years due to health challenges, Ameerah began to seek God through prayer. She did not want to sit at home waiting for her life to begin again. She asked God for a way that she could make an impact for him right where her life was. Out of that heartfelt prayer, hem-of-his-garment-bible-study.org was born.

Hem-of-His-Garment is a Bible study online ministry dedicated to helping Christians fall back in love with their Heavenly Father. It provides free online Bible study courses and even email studies that are designed to help God’s people grow spiritually. The fact that God has enabled Ameerah to share his promises with people all around the world right from her own home, proves that he can always bring purpose out of our pain.

Contact Information:

To contact Ameerah Lewis or for more information, visit hem-of-his-garment-bible-study.org.

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