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People of the Bible - Who's Who in Scripture

This Bible study resource is designed to introduce you to the people of the Bible. You will learn about each person, what they have accomplished, their character strengths and weaknesses, and any lessons we can learn from their lives. These people of the Bible profiles will help you better understanding how God interacts with his people. It will also assist you in applying God's truth to your life as you study the Bible.
  1. Old Testament People (45)
  2. New Testament People (0)

6 Co-Conspirators in the Death of Jesus
The death of Jesus Christ came about when a small group of co-conspirators acted together to circumvent laws and force his execution. Who were these men and why did they do it? Learn the truth about the six co-conspirators responsible for the death of Jesus.

9 Famous Fathers in the Bible
These famous fathers in the Bible provide inspiring lessons for men and women alike.

8 Blessed Mothers in the Bible
Learn how eight blessed mothers in the Bible showed the kind of faith God loves.

Hebrews 11 - Faith Hall of Fame
Take a tour of the Hebrews 11 "Faith Hall of Fame" and meet some of the Old Testament's most remarkable heroes of faith.

The 12 Apostles
Jesus Christ appointed 12 Apostles from among his early followers, men he trained through close association. After his resurrection, the Lord fully commissioned the apostles to spread the kingdom of God by taking the gospel into the whole world.

What Was Nathanael Doing Under the Fig Tree?
Have you ever wondered what Jesus saw Nathanael doing under the fig tree? Whatever it was, it stopped him in his tracks.

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