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Christian Testimonies About Physical and Sexual Abuse

These Christian testimonies are true stories about people who have struggled with physical and sexual abuse. Each story reveals a life transformed by Christian faith. The testimonies are submitted by the members and visitors of this site. If you know someone with an interesting, life-transforming testimony, please refer them to this page.
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Annie’s Anchor Through Sibling Abuse
Annie's Anchor Through Sibling Abuse highlights one woman’s encounter with a life-changing God.

Jen’s Gift From God
Jen’s Gift From God shows how God can use a miracle to redeem a betrayed and violated woman from the chaos of her circumstances.

Kelsey's Reason to Hang On
Kelsey's parents divorced when she was a small child. Her mother moved in with a man who sexually abused Kelsey until he was sent to jail. After learning about Jesus, Kelsey shared her testimony and saw how it spoke healing to others who had survived the same abuse. Through this, Kelsey learned that God always has a reason for his children to hang on.

Courtney's Broken Life
Courtney's life began in contention, abuse and neglect, but with God's help, she made it through an overwhelming storm of sexual, mental, and substance abuse to become a woman of faith who would one day lead others to God.

Martha's Miracle of Salvation
Even though Martha was raised in a Christian home, at a young age she suffered abuse at the hands of a distant relative. This led her down a dangerous and miserable course. By age 8 she was leading a double life of self-destructive behavior. At church camp one summer, Martha accepted God's miracle of salvation. Overnight she was amazed to...

Charlie's Refuge
Love and acceptance were missing from Charlie's childhood, so she looked for them in all the wrong places. Her life of crime started at 14, and every man she ever cared about abused and beat her. Selling drugs led to addictions, and prostitution led to owning brothels. In trouble with the law and running from refuge to rehab, she'd finally had...

Gina's Dream from God
God spoke to Gina through a dream and told her she would have a beautiful baby boy. As the years passed, however, she forgot the dream. When she became pregnant 5 years later, she came close to having an abortion, until God used a series of events and several people to bring hope into Gina's life. Then by God's grace, Gina experienced the...

Naomi's Darkest Times
Naomi's childhood memories are filled with rape, depression and neglect. At one point, things were so bad she went door to door asking for money to buy food. Trouble seemed to follow her everywhere. As a young woman, she fell into a pattern of violent relationships, and drug and alcohol abuse. Yet, through it all, in the darkest times of her life, God was with her. Then, the Lord did something miraculous for Naomi.

Tom's Lonely Journey to Jesus
Tom knew he'd been unwanted all of his life, even before birth. Rejection and abuse eventually propelled him into a violent life of crime on the streets. After being miraculously protected in prison and later directed by an angel, Tom discovered the prayers from a group of teenagers leading him to surrender his life to Jesus Christ.

For the Love of a Father
Young Charles experienced a grim childhood, troubled by physical and emotional abuse and void of a father's love. He discovered at age 16 that the man he knew as father was really his stepfather. This explained some of the abuse. However, not until he encountered the love of his Heavenly Father, did he come to know the approval that he had longed for all his life.

Ally's Time to Dance
Ally shares her painful story of child sexual abuse, not to receive pity, but to testify of God's love. On the day she accepted God's gift of salvation, he completely changed her outlook. Before that day, she had lived with doubt, shame and anger. Now she lives with the light of hope in her heart. She knows God has a plan for her life. Now it's her time to dance.

Stacy's Sweet Submission
Toughened by an abusive childhood, even after becoming a Christian, Stacy remained emotionless and strong. But she was also very angry. What she didn't understand was that she had been simply enduring life in her own strength. Stacy had to become weak, so the Lord could be strong within her. Eventually she got past her anger and began healing by learning to feel.

Tonia's Rough Road
Tonia thought she knew the Lord. After hiding behind a facade, trying to please people and searching for love, Tonia ran away with the carnival. Her rocky road got rougher and love was always just beyond her reach, until one day Tonia realized she couldn't fool God. Now that she has received the love of Jesus, her life is finally moving in the...

Anne's Answer to Abuse
Beginning in infancy, Anne experienced severe abuse while being used by family members in Satanic rituals. When creative attempts to escape reality failed to ease her pain, Anne decided on suicide. But a kind stranger on a crisis hotline introduced her to a ministry that eventually led her to a relationship with God. Anne found the answers to her abuse in the healing power of God's love.

Michelle's Second Chance at Life
Michelle's unstable childhood, filled with abuse and neglect, led her down a destructive path of promiscuity and dysfunctional relationships. She knew if someone didn't save her, she would die. Then God sent a friend named Angel to point Michelle toward the best decision she'd ever make and a second chance at life.

Sarah's Pain
Sarah hadn't had a sober day in 15 years. The emotional anguish and physical pain were becoming unbearable. One night she begged God to let her die. When she woke the next morning, a new Sarah began to live. Her cravings for liquor and cigarettes were gone. God's mercy had now replaced her pain and misery.

Terri's Journey
Terri grew up being passed from home to home, guardian to guardian. After several encounters of physical and sexual abuse, Terri felt alone, unloved and rejected. She turned to drugs to numb the pain and quickly became addicted. Years later, after the loss of her two-year-old son, in desperation, Terri cried out to God and her life began to drastically change.

Something Bigger than this World
Read about a young girl whose drinking, drug habits and sexual promiscuity led to an early, unwanted pregnancy. When she miscarried, no one knew - except her boyfriend - who reacted in a violent rage. At her lowest point she began to search for reasons for her existence. Then her desires started to change and suddenly she discovered something...

Tom's Courage Testimony of a Life Transformed from Fear to Faith
In this testimony of a life transformed by God, you'll meet Tom. Tom is a man toughened by life at an early age. Abandoned by father and mother, he becomes a fighter. Yet one day this fighter surrenders to God. He trades his firearms for spiritual weapons, and loses his dependence upon drugs and alcohol. Tom finds new courage that comes from walking with God.

Dara's Wall
Dara had seen enough pain and abuse in her childhood to last a lifetime. In response she had built a protective wall around her heart. But "The Wall" kept out the love and acceptance she so desperately needed. When Dara turned to God and began to read his Word, "The Wall" began to crumble as God's unfailing love tumbled in.

Duane's Way to God
Duane was living a life that seemed to him the right way to go. But rather than directing him to God, the path was quickly leading him to death. Years of indulging in an immoral lifestyle landed Duane in jail for prostitution and testing positive for HIV. He decided it was time to let go of living his own life and start giving God control.

Rhonda's Road
Rhonda had chosen a path that led her far away from God. Knowing her relationship with a married man was wrong, she still stayed with him, until he threatened her life in a violent rage. At that moment God came to Rhonda and spoke words of forgiveness and purpose.

Donna's Salvation
Donna hid behind a fragile shell for years, disguising the shame of abuse and burying her pain. But one day her world exploded into anguish and severe depression. Eventually suicide seemed her only way of escape. On the night Donna thought would be her last, her Savior spoke clearly the words she needed to hear.

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