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Gospel of Luke

The Gospel of Luke: This Bible study resource provides an introduction to the New Testament book of the Bible - Luke, including vital statistics to help you better understand God's purpose in the book and also gain a more complete and unified perspective on the entire Bible. The Gospel of Luke reveals Jesus as the perfect human Savior.

Bible Verses for New Baby

These new baby verses from the Bible are specially chosen for Christian parents awaiting the blessing of their baby's birth. They can be used in Christian Baby Dedication ceremonies, christenings, or included in your birth announcements. You may also wish to write one of these Scriptures in your baby shower or new baby greeting cards.

Verse of the Day - Day 183

Verse of the Day - Day 183: Today's Bible verse of the day is Luke 11:9-10. The inspiring thought is a simple reminder of the importance of prayer.

Verse of the Day - Day 188

Verse of the Day - Day 188: Today's Bible verse of the day is Luke 9:23. The inspiring thought reminds us to take up our cross daily.

A Christmas Lesson

"A Christmas Lesson" is an original Christian poem submitted by an About.com member. This Christmas poem teaches the true meaning of Christmas through the eyes of a young boy.

Verse of the Day - Day 42

Verse of the Day - Day 42: Today's Bible verse of the day is Hebrews 10:19–22. The inspiring thought dwells on the power in the blood of Jesus that gives us confidence to draw near to God.

Inspirational Bible Verses

This collection of inspirational Bible verses will encourage and uplift your spirit with messages and quotes from Scripture.

Book of Leviticus

Introduction to Leviticus: This Bible study resource provides an introduction to the Old Testament book of the Bible - Leviticus, including vital statistics to help you better understanding God's purpose in the book and also gain a more complete and unified perspective on the entire Bible.

Thank You Bible Verses

Are you looking for just the right words to say thank you to a Christian friend or family member? Here are a few simple Scriptures specifically chosen to help you express your appreciation.

Christian Creeds

These three Christian creeds represent the most widely accepted and ancient Christian statements of faith. Together, they form a summary of traditional Christian doctrine, expressing the beliefs of a broad range of Christian churches. However, not all Christian churches accept the profession of creeds.


The most well-known census in the Bible took place at the time of Jesus Christ's birth. But there are several other censuses recorded in Scripture. The book of Numbers derives its name from the two military enumerations of the people of Israel. Learn the biblical meaning of census and study each one mentioned in the Bible.

Verse of the Day - Day 230

Verse of the Day - Day 230: Today's Bible verse of the day is 2 Samuel 22:17. The inspiring thought captures the drama and emotion of God's deep water rescues.

Friendship Bible Verses

This collection of friendship Bible verses celebrates the blessings of God in the gift of true Christian friendship.

Historical Books

The Historical Books books record the events of Israel's history, beginning with Joshua and the nation's entry into the Promised Land until the time of its return from exile some 1,000 years later. We read incredible stories and learn valuable lessons as meet the Bible's leaders, prophets, heroes, and villains in the exciting pages of the Historical Books.

David's Prayer of Thanks

In this notable prayer found in the Bible, after God makes a covenant promise to David, he prays this prayer of thanks.

Bible Prayers

Bible Prayers: Use this collection of notable prayers found in the Bible to study the prayers in the Bible or simply to help you become more effective in your prayer life as you pray God's Word.

What is Lent?

What is Lent? What do Christians observe during the season of lent? Lent is the 40-day season of preparation before Easter.

What is Ash Wednesday?

Answer the question - What is Ash Wednesday and what do Christians celebrate on Ash Wednesday?

Biblical Names of God

Studying the names of God is one of the most uplifting Bible adventures a Christian can explore. This list presents the biblical names of God and Jesus and where they are located in Scripture. With 102 names of God represented, the list, though not exhaustive, is quite extensive.

Foods of the Bible

Have you ever wanted to prepare a biblical feast strictly with foods from the Bible? Perhaps you'd just like to learn more about the different foods mentioned in the Bible. This is a complete list of spices, fruits, vegetables, grains, fish, fowl, meats and other foods and drinks of the Bible. Scripture references are provided for each of the Bible foods.

Bible Animals

Although the names of Bible animals vary from one translation to another and sometimes these creatures are difficult to identify, God's Word showcases numerous members of the animal kingdom.

Memorize Bible Verses as a Family

With these techniques, not only will your whole family memorize Bible verses, you'll be spending more time together, giving your kids ideals for living, keeping them busy, and teaching them about God. I'll share a tried and proven technique for building your Bible memory as well as fun and creative suggestions on how to memorize Bible verses as family.

Can Satan Read Your Mind?

Can Satan read your mind? While the Bible teaches that Satan is powerful and highly influential, nowhere does it say that he is a mind-reader. Only God is omniscient, able to know all things. If you've ever wondered if the devil can read your thoughts, find out exactly why that's impossible.

Read Through the Bible

Reading through the Bible is one of the most important essentials in the daily life of a Christian. The easiest way to grow in the faith and deepen your relationship with God is to make Bible reading a priority. With these suggestions and tips, you'll have no reason not to succeed!

The Epistles

The Epistles are letters written to the fledgling churches and individual believers in the earliest days of Christianity. The Apostle Paul wrote the first 13 of the Epistles, each addressing a specific situation or problem.

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