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Stories and Advice from Readers

As fellow believers, we often need other Christians for encouragement or to help us work through a problem that is too big to handle alone. Here you can learn from the experiences of others, share your own tips, stories, and advice, and be reminded that you are not alone in your walk of faith.

Share Your Answered Prayers and Praise Reports
There's no better way to encourage one another as believers than sharing God's faithfulness through answered prayers. Use this form to share a praise report with members of our Christian community.

Submit a Christian Prayer Request or Pray for Members
Need prayer? Use this form to share your prayer request with members of our Christian community. You may also respond with compassion by praying for the needs of our members.

Your Heroes of Faith - Who Has Inspired You?
Who are your heroes of faith? Do you feel privileged to have had a spiritual role model who has inspired you to grow as a Christian? Is it a character from the pages of the Bible, a famous Christian in history, or someone you've personally known? Tell us who has helped you the most in your Christian life.

Your Favorite Bible Verses About Love
To complement my collection of Scriptures on love, I'm asking you to share your favorite Bible verse about love.

What Are Your Favorite Christian Things?
Oprah had her list of favorite things, and I'll bet you do, too! What practical, useful, and just plain enjoyable things do you delight in as a believer? Take a few minutes to tell us about your favorite Christian things.

Are Psychic Experiences Real?
Christians vary widely on their beliefs about the spirit world. I've written this article, "What Does the Bible Say About Talking to the Dead?" As a result, I receive frequent feedback from readers on the subject. So, here's your opportunity to tell us exactly what you believe about the spirit world, talking to the dead, and other psychic...

How Did You Choose a Church for Your Family?
The search for a good church home can be one of the most challenging endeavors you and your family will face as Christians. To complement the advice in my article, "How to Find a Church," I'd like to give you a chance to share tips from your personal experiences in choosing a church for your family.

Why Don't You Go to Church?
Many Christians have given up on the idea of church attendance. Some blame bad experiences that have left a bitter taste in their mouths, causing them to become disenchanted with the practice of going to church. Others say that conventional church activities are missing the biblical mark. If you are a follower of Christ, and you've quit...

Why Do You Go to Church?
I have received numerous explanations and complaints from Christians about why they have given up on going to church. Yet, at the same time, many blessed and spiritually thriving, regular church attenders have expressed reasons why they support going to church. Take this opportunity to tell others why you are in favor of going to church.

What Daily Bible Reading Plan Do You Use?
An important essential in the Christian life is spending time reading God’s Word. Having a daily Bible reading plan will provide a guide to keep you on track. Throughout the years, I keep coming back to the same Bible reading plan because I've found that it works well for me. What daily Bible reading plan do you use and why do you prefer it over...

What's the Best Bible Study Method?
I'm certain that many of you have discovered some excellent Bible study methods to help you grow in your knowledge and understanding of Scripture as you mature in the faith. Take this opportunity to share with other believers what you consider to be the best Bible study methods. If you have a particular Bible study technique that works well for...

Tell Us How You Obtained a Free Bible
If you can't afford to buy a new Bible, here are several easy solutions from readers on how to acquire a free Bible. And if you know of a good way to get a free Bible, please let us know!

Tell Us About Your Favorite Christian Blogs
Here's your opportunity to tell us about your favorite Christian blogs. If you host your own blog, go ahead and talk about it ... even brag a bit. I offer this space to followers of Jesus Christ as a place to connect with other believers and keep the good news of the gospel spreading across the blogosphere. See submissions

Tell Us Your Favorite Free Christian Smartphone Apps
If you're a smartphone user, I'm sure you've discovered a few highly treasured free Christian applications. I've devoted this space for believers to share their favorite free Christian iPhone apps. See submissions

How Has God Helped You Through Hard Times?
When we read testimonies of God's faithfulness to other Christians who have struggled through hard times, we gain courage to keep on believing, trusting, and not lose faith. I'd like to give you the opportunity to offer hope, encouragement, and comfort to fellow believers who are facing difficult times today. Comfort a brother or sister in need...

How Do You Deal With Difficult People?
Perhaps you've discovered a secret for dealing with difficult people. If so, why not help others respond better to offensive individuals by sharing the biblical strategies you've learned.

Share Your Popcorn Testimonies
Popcorn testimonies are quick, spontaneous stories telling how God intervened in your life. Each brief account reveals a life transformed through Christian faith. If you've experienced a unique and life-altering encounter with God, we'd like to hear about it. Tell us your testimony.

Before & After Stories of Christian Salvation
Now, you can not only tell your Christian salvation story, but also show how your faith in Jesus Christ has changed you. Do you have photographs that document your transformation? Do you have a remarkable before and after story? Please show and tell us about it!

Recommend Your Favorite Family-Friendly Movies
If your family is anything like mine, you're becoming more and more selective when choosing family-friendly movies. As a result, you're probably finding fewer options as you search for wholesome entertainment that's appropriate for the entire family. Here's your chance to recommend your family's favorite movies and see suggestions from other...

Share Your 911 Memories
Almost every American citizen who is old enough to recall the 2001 terrorist attacks on our nation, has at least a few vivid 911 memories. Let's honor the victims, the survivors, the heroes, and all of their families, by keeping our September 11 memories alive. Share your 911 memories.

How Do You Treat Halloween?
Halloween is one of the most popular secular holidays in our culture today, but because of its pagan roots, it presents a big challenge for Christian families. Perhaps you can help another believer wrestling with the biblical questions of how to treat Halloween. Tell us, how do you treat Halloween?

Do You Celebrate Christmas?
Many Christians believe Christmas should not be celebrated or observed. Every year during the holidays, I hear from numerous believers who say that God never intended for Christians to commemorate Christ's birth. What do you say? Do you celebrate Christmas?

What is Your Favorite Christmas Memory?
Part of the wonder of Christmas comes with the sights, sounds, and smells of the season that carry a certain nostalgia, allowing us to relive the magical moments of our favorite Christmas memories. Take a few moments and relive the magic this holiday by sharing your favorite Christmas memory.

What's On Your Christmas Wish List?
Are you in search of ideas for great Christian gifts at Christmas? Most of us can relate to the dilemma of trying to guess what to give someone at Christmas. Choosing Christian gifts can be a challenge for some. Here is your opportunity to share the ultimate gifts on your Christmas wish list.

What is Your Favorite Thanksgiving Memory?
Share your fun and meaningful memories of Thanksgiving celebrations.

Share Your Thanksgiving Day Traditions
Does your family have a unique Thanksgiving Day tradition? Why not share some of your favorite holiday traditions with others.

Share Favorite Thanksgiving Bible Verses
Naturally, one of the most common traditions on Thanksgiving Day is to give thanks and praise to God. The Scriptures are filled with passages expressing words of thankfulness to the Lord for his abundant goodness in our lives. To complement my collection of Thanksgiving Day Bible Verses, I'm asking you to share your favorite Thanksgiving verses.

How Do You Celebrate the Easter Holiday?
Christians celebrate the Easter holiday in many different ways, depending on family traditions and the customs of their denomination. No matter how you commemorate the Lord's death, burial and resurrection, there's no doubt that Easter is the most important holiday of the Christian calendar. So, how do you celebrate the Easter holiday?

Why is Good Friday Good?
On Good Friday Christians commemorate the passion, or suffering, and death by crucifixion of the Lord, Jesus Christ. So, you might wonder then, why is Good Friday "good?" Each year at Easter time, I like to ask this question and consider the interesting and evoking answers I receive from readers.

Christian Clichés You Say And Hear
What are some of the overused and often abused Christian clichés you've said and heard?

Reader Feedback on Talking to the Dead
After I wrote about the practice of talking to the dead, I received this feedback on the topic.

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