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Inside Passage Christian Cruise Pictures

Port of Call: Ketchikan, Alaska


Our third port of call, Ketchikan, is one of the most popular cruise ship destinations in Alaska's Inside Passage. We arrived in Ketchikan early Wednesday morning, and although it was overcast, no rain was expected. Since the town is situated in a rain forest and known as the rainiest city in the United States, averaging about 160 inches a year, we felt very blessed with the day's weather forecast.

Located on Revillagigedo Island and rich in commercial fishing resources, Ketchikan is proud to be called the "Salmon Capital of the World." It also bears the nickname "First City" because it is the southernmost city in southeast Alaska and often the first Alaskan port for northbound ships.

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Cruise ships docked in Ketchikan, AlaskaCruise Ships Docked in KetchikanWelcome to KetchikanWelcome to KetchikanFirst City - Ketchikan, AlaskaFirst City - Ketchikan, AlaskaRainiest City in the United States, Ketchikan, AlaskaRainiest City in the United States
Thomas Basin Boat Harbor, Ketchikan, AlaksaThomas Basin - Ketchikan's Boat HarborThomas Basin Boat Harbor in KetchikanThomas Basin Boat Harbor in KetchikanTotem Pole in Ketchikan, AlaskaTotem Pole in Ketchikan, AlaskaKetchikan CreekKetchikan Creek
Creek Street on Ketchikan CreekCreek Street on Ketchikan CreekDolly's House Creek Street BordelloAuthentic Creek Street BordelloSalmon Capital of the World, Ketchikan, AlaskaSalmon Capital of the WorldSeaplane Landing in KetchikanSeaplane Landing in Ketchikan
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