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Picture Journal of Israel Trip


Take a trip to Israel through this photo journal of the Holy Land by Venice Kichura.

Venice Kichura is a freelance writer and contributor for About.com. Her main passion is ministering to both Christians and nonbelievers through the printed word. For more information visit Venice's Bio Page.

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Dome of the RockDome of the Rock Temple MountTemple MountWailing WallWailing WallEastern GateEastern Gate
Pool of BethesdaPool of BethesdaPool of SiloamPool of SiloamStar of BethlehemStar of BethlehemJordan RiverJordan River
Sermon on the Mount ChurchSermon on the Mount ChurchRobinson's ArchRobinson's ArchGarden of GethsemaneGarden of GethsemaneChurch of the Holy SepultureChurch of the Holy Sepulture
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