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Anna's Angel

Testimony of a Transformed Life

By Anna

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Anna was on her death bed after contracting malaria from Africa. From out of nowhere a woman entered her isolated hospital room and led Anna in a prayer for healing. To the doctors' amazement, Anna miraculously began to recover.

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Anna's Angel

Hi, I am Pastor Anna. I have been an ordained minister since 2003. How and why did this happen?

Since I was a little girl I have felt and known the presence of God. At the age of nine I tried to copy or write down the entire Bible. I completed the book of Genesis. My mother still has the copy, however; she can't read it. It's not because she is blind or anything of that nature, but because I could not write well. To say the least, my handwriting is still terrible. Thank goodness for computers!

On My Death Bed

Back to how and why? In 2000 I was very ill and on my death bed. I had contracted malaria from Africa. My internal organs were flooded and collapsing. I was in a hospital in Germany where they put me in the basement in isolation.

Out of Nowhere

From out of nowhere a woman entered my hospital room and asked if I wanted to pray. Of course, I wanted to pray because I had been told earlier that I should prepare to be on a kidney machine. I only had 30% kidney function. We prayed! Then she was gone.

I never heard the slamming of the iron doors that isolated me from the rest of civilization. I did not hear them when she came, and I did not hear them when she left.

At the time of her arrival, I was connected to many machines and IV's. After she left, I requested to have all the machines disconnected and the IV's removed. Against the advice of the doctors, my wish was granted.


By morning I awoke to approximately 10 doctors in my room. I suspect they were amazed that I was still alive. Their amazement continued! They drew more blood, took more test and discovered that my kidneys were functioning at 98%. The fluid in my body had receded. After prayer and a 4 month stay, I was able to go home.

Why did I become ordained? I owe my life to my Saviour and I needed to be spiritually anointed to show others the way to salvation. Do I preach? No, I don't preach in a pulpit. I teach where ever I go! In the power of prayer is life!

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