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Irvin's Story - "The Wonderful Christmas"

A Christmas Testimony

By Irvin L. Rozier


Irvin, a single-parent, has one wish for Christmas -- that his three young children will be blessed to have a wonderful Christmas, including the chance to spend precious time with their mother. God grants his wish and more, taking Irvin on a journey of faith, blessing and leading him each step of the way.

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Irvin's Story - "The Wonderful Christmas"

    Genesis 33:5
    He lifted his eyes and saw the women and the children, and said, "Who are these with you?" So he said, "The children whom God has graciously given your servant." (NASB)
Children are a gift from God. He blessed me with two wonderful daughters and a good son. When their mother left in 1986 I became a single parent to six, eight, and eleven-year-old children. My heart grieved for them as they missed their mother. After the Lord saved me, I began to pray for them. One of my prayers that December 1989 was that they would be blessed to have a wonderful Christmas, including spending some precious time with their mother.

Shortly thereafter, their mother called and asked if she could have the children for a few days. She would get them about four or five days before Christmas and bring them back Christmas day. I readily agreed. She asked if I would drive them halfway. She lived in Atlanta so Dublin was the agreed meeting point.

The children were all excited about this rare visit with their mother. They had not spent much time with her since our separation. I scraped together a few dollars to give to them to spend, we loaded up and headed out.

Well, you should have seen the look of happiness on their faces as they hugged and greeted their mom. She had been such a wonderful mom to our children before. She always made sure they were well fed, clothed, clean, hugged and loved. She roller-skated with them and read to them. They were her life. Tragically, the devil can destroy and take away a mother’s concern and love for her children – whether it’s through drugs or other methods.

As they drove away, I sat in the car and cried. My tears were a mixture of joy for their happiness of being with their mom and sadness and grief for the losses they had experienced. I loved these children that God had given me, and when they hurt, I did too.

What I didn't tell the children was that I had given them all the money I had. My car's gas needle showed empty and it was 110 miles to get back home.

It was Sunday morning about 10:30 a.m. as I began to drive home. I said, "Lord, I guess I'll run out of gas within a few miles, but I'm trusting you in this situation." About three miles down the road, I saw a sign pointing left to a small country church. The Lord suddenly spoke to me and said, "Go to that church." I said, "Okay, but I'm not dressed very well (I had on old blue jeans, a t-shirt and tennis shoes)." The Lord replied, "Go just like you are and don't even concern yourself about what others may think about your clothing. I know what is in your heart."

I drove up to that church, got out of my beat up old Toyota and went inside. Services had already started and several heads turned to stare as a badly dressed stranger entered. I sat down on a seat and after a few songs, the preacher spoke about the famous faith chapter in the Bible - Hebrews, Chapter 11.

The Lord anointed this pastor as he preached. It seemed as if most of the words he spoke were directed at me. I needed that encouragement at that particular moment! Thank you Jesus! After service, the preacher was led to ask for testimonies. A few dear saints stood up and testified. Their testimonies were very uplifting.

Suddenly the Lord spoke and said, "Irvin, get up and testify." As I stood, I wiped some of the wrinkles from my blue jeans and began to speak. As the Spirit of the Lord anointed me, every eye in the congregation was on me and every ear was attentive. I told how the Lord had directed my footsteps to that church, how the sermon and testimonies had encouraged me, and how happy I was that my children would be spending a few days with their mom. I asked for prayer. At this request, the godly pastor asked his little flock to gather around the altar and especially pray that not only my children but other children from broken homes would have a happy Christmas.

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