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Sunil's Touch from God

In Weakness God's Power is Revealed



Day after day, Sunil's mysterious fever continued to rise. Antibiotics failed to have any effect, and test after test yielded no conclusive diagnosis. When medical science's best efforts were powerless to help him, Sunil knew without a doubt that God had touched him.

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Sunil's Touch from God - In Weakness God's Power is Revealed

It all started on the first day of November on the Diwali day. My wife finished some work in her hospital and then we dropped in at a deaf and dumb rehabilitation center and shared sweets and crackers with the children there for an hour. Soon after that I began to have a severe headache and rushed home and slept in the afternoon, which is quite unusual for me. When I woke up in the evening I had a temperature of 101 degrees and a pounding headache.

We started treatment at home since both my wife and my mother-in-law are doctors. On the second day of November my temperature was 102 degrees. And by the fourth of November my temperature reached 103.5 degrees. The fever would come down in the mornings and slowly rise during the day. It would reach its peak in the evening, stay until midnight and then start to fall. I also had a severe hammering headache.

By then we had blood tests done to rule out all the common causes for this kind of fever, but unfortunately the results were all negative and did not help with a diagnosis. Then we had another general practitioner come and have a look at me. Since all of my symptoms seemed like typhoid, she started me on oral antibiotics. Still there was no improvement even after three days of this medicine. We started to panic since eight days had passed with fever. We decided that I should be hospitalized.

Inconclusive Test Results

I was admitted on the ninth day. The doctor who examined me in the hospital also suspected typhoid and he concluded that it was resistant to the oral drug. He told me that I would need a more powerful intravenous antibiotic. He also asked for an infectious disease specialist to have a look at me. He thought that the dose of the intravenous antibiotic ought to be stepped up to the highest permissible dose. In the meantime they did some more blood tests, all proving to be inconclusive.

On the twelfth day my fever was still rising as high as 104.2 degrees. The doctors wanted to proceed to the next level of testing, as they could not understand why my fever was still not coming down. Since they were only clinically suspecting typhoid and could not prove it with tests, they decided to do a CT scan of my chest and abdomen to look for any signs of lung diseases or any hidden abscesses. When the CT results came back normal, they wanted to do a bone marrow study. They felt it was the last hope for them to obtain a diagnosis for my fever.

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