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Terri's Healing

From Terminal to Cancer Free

By Terri Flowers


Just after losing her mother to cancer, Terri is diagnosed with a terminal form of lung cancer. In the midst of exhausting treatments, Terri decides it's time to bring Jesus into her life. Friends, family and Christians throughout the nation join in prayer with Terri, until one day she receives an amazing report -- her lungs are totally cancer free!

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Terri's Healing - From Terminal to Cancer Free

In June of 1999 I lost my mother to terminal lung cancer. Three months later in September, I was diagnosed with Stage IIIA Lung Cancer. It meant that I had a tumor in my upper left lobe and tumors in the mediastinal glands on the left side. It was inoperable. I wasn't expected to live.

During my second month of therapy I was sitting in the Chemo room with a needle in my hand receiving Chemotherapy. For some reason I decided then and there that it was time to bring Jesus into my life. I asked for forgiveness of my sins and for help through the next four months of treatment. You see, I was taking radiation and Chemo at the same time. I was so tired and scared. I prayed and I kept on praying.

Prayers Went Out

My neighbor who was a Southern Baptist told her prayer circle at church about me, and prayers went out all over the country for me. Even my mother-in-law who has relatives in Mississippi and New York were praying for me, and their churches were too.

When treatment was over that following March, my Oncologist wanted me to wait two months to let things settle down inside of me. Well, I went for a PT Scan in May and the scan showed my chest and lung to be totally free of cancer. Everyone was completely amazed, except for me, my neighbor and my mother-in-law.

He Brought Me a Long Way

Since then I have remained a Christian and it has changed my life. By religion I am Catholic, and although I don't go to Mass like I should, God is still with me. He has brought me a long way since those days of treatment. My motto today is to treat others as you would have them treat you.

I know God saved me for a purpose and I truly hope I am doing what He wants. I still go through trials and tribulations, but I pray for peace and comfort. I believe my life is better for being a Christian.

I know it's not popular to be a Christian or to be a witness these days, but I try to do my best.

Well, that is my simple story. I am sure there are many others out there who can testify of similar things.

I say, "Keep on praying." That is when you are closest to God.

Thanks for reading my story. Go with God, friends.

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